TikTok Star Hareem Shah Just Revealed That She Has Left Pakistan For Canada

By Sana Yasmeen | 3 Jan, 2020

TikTok star Hareem Shah is certainly not new to controversy however recent developments in her life have made her existence eerily similar to Qandeel Baloch who lost her life after her celebrity status took similar turns as Hareem’s has now.


Recently, someone leaked personal details of Hareem Shah on social media

This move turned out to be extremely sensitive as it put her life at risk so much so that she has dominated news coverage in Pakistan’s mainstream television media for quite a few days now.

After the leaked CNIC and passport even the father of TikTok star Hareem Shah was dragged on the media and made to condemn the actions of his daughter, further fueling the fire of fury against Hareem.


After the recent developments, news of TikTok star Hareem Shah applying for Canadian citizenship has been spreading

Soon after Hareem’s recent controversy involving Sheikh Rashid became the talk of the town, Hareem announced that she’s applying for Canadian citizenship.

Hareem Shah is allegedly currently in Baku, Azerbaijan and has applied for Canadian citizenship and would return to Pakistan “after dealing with some important tasks”.


She revealed her plans while being interviewed by local media about her latest “scandal”

Despite serious threats to her existence, people came forward with the theory that these controversies were self-created by Hareem Shah to strengthen her visa application.


Some people are actually thankful that Hareem is leaving for Canada in hopes that she might be safe from a fate similar to Qandeel’s because of this


Here’s the original interview where Hareem mentioned that she had applied for Canada’s nationality:

In the interview she also discussed about other controversies surrounding her and her friend Sundal Khattak.

حریم شاہ اردوپوائنٹ پر لائیو، خوفناک انکشافات، جنرل باجوہ کی کاروباری شخصیات سے ملاقاتیں رنگ لے آئیں

حریم شاہ اردوپوائنٹ پر لائیو، خوفناک انکشافات، جنرل باجوہ کی کاروباری شخصیات سے ملاقاتیں رنگ لے آئیں، پنجاب اسمبلی کو تالے لگانے کا مطالبہ کردیا گیا، جانیے پروگرام دوبدو میں سینئر صحافی شاہد نذیر چودھری اورر اینکر پرسن فرخ شہباز وڑائچ کی کھری کھری باتیں#HareemShah #HareemShahLeakedVideos #HareemShahTikTok

Gepostet von UrduPoint.com am Montag, 30. Dezember 2019


Here’s hoping that Hareem is definitely able to secure herself and is able to successfully come out of the latest controversy. The gross violation of her privacy with the release of her personal details is reprehensible and must be condemned at all costs.


cover image via ibexmediahouse.com

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