BTS Pakistani ARMY Donated To Edhi To Celebrate The Birthday Of BTS's V

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Jan, 2020

BTS Pakistani ARMY are perfectly emulating BTS’ message of love and acceptance.

Bangtan Sonyeondan, or as they’re popularly known BTS is a Korean boy-band who has captured hearts the world over. The band has made it’s mark in history and is the reason K-Pop is now highly regarded the world over.

Of course, BTS has a lot of loyal fans in Pakistan as well. The fans, known as ARMY, emulate the message of the band to the best of their abilities. BTS has an overarching message about love and acceptance which they have been preaching for quite some time.

Their collaboration with UNICEF on the End Violence campaign raised millions of dollars; a lot of it donated by fans. The funds are to be used by UNICEF to support young victims of violence and to launch violence prevention programs as well. And with BTS’s constant commitment to furthering the cause of love and acceptance for all; their fans aren’t far behind as well.


BTS Pakistani ARMY is quick to make themselves known whenever it comes to their favorites

They’re always organizing events, celebrating their favorite K-Pop group and even becoming social media viral trends when it comes to BTS. The group also makes sure it responds to their fans, like when they gave a shoutout to Pakistani ARMY during Namjoon’s solo during their concert.


Similarly, when one of the BTS band member has a birthday coming up, fans make sure they make the day special

While a lot of projects involve social media take overs and trending hashtags or fans all over the world coming together to make videos; they at times also involve getting together to make contributions to worthwhile causes.


And that is exactly what BTS Pakistani ARMY did with the birthday of V, aka Taehyung

They joined together to make a donation to Edhi Foundation in honor of BTS V’s birthday.

Honestly, if this isn’t the sweetest gesture for your fav’s birthday, I don’t know what is! To think that BTS has inspired fans in Pakistan to make worthwhile contributions to society through their music tells you about the deep impact the boy-band has had.


And this project had a snowball effect where it inspired others to follow suit as well


This is not the first time that Pakistani ARMY has banded together to help a charity as a project for a band member’s birthday

These kind acts are incredibly sweet and follow in the footsteps of BTS itself. Band members from BTS are known for making generous contributions to charities in their home country quite regularly.

Honestly, BTS and BTS ARMYs deserve nothing but happiness because of all the love and positivity they both try to spread. What do you think about BTS ARMYs joining together to help causes like these? Let us know in the comments below.


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