Someone Exposed Personal Details Of TikTok Star Hareem Shah And It's Getting Out Of Hand

By Hafsa Ahmad | 31 Dec, 2019

Personal details of Hareem Shah were leaked online

Hareem Shah has been trending on twitter for quite a while now. Her latest controversy being her calls with Sheikh Rashid, caught a lot of attention. People have been joking that Hareem is out there exposing the whole PTI Government because her videos with many leaders of the Government become extremely controversial.


People have been joking that Hareem Shah is the reason that the PTI Government will go down


But it seems like her series of exposé’s on the Government have now backfired

Popular 5000 dirham guy and internet personality Bhola Record had promised an exposé of his own with the reveal of these picture. The pictures clearly show Hareem Shah, but who’s the man behind the emojis?


So people begab wondering who this could be with Hareem


And many people had their guesses


The general consensus said the man with Hareem this time was Bhola Record, given the evidence that he is the one looking to expose her


But since Hareem Shah has been in the spotlight, people are beginning to get worried for her safety because of how similar her notoriety has become to Qandeel Baloch


Last night, WhatsApp images began circulating of Hareem Shah’s CNIC and passport

Hareem and her friend Sandal Khattak both had their CNIC, bearing their real names, ages and addresses along with their passports leaked online. This is especially scary because something similar happened to Qandeel leading to her demise.


People are worried for her safety after personal details of Hareem Shah were leaked


It is true that these scandals can prove to be risky for Hareem Shah, essentially because of the misogyny that lies in a nation which turns a blind eye to the situations around such women that lead them to take such actions.

Let’s hope for now that this does not turn into another sorrowful news but is a realization that women like Hareem will continue to try to take their voice as long as they continue to be exploited.


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