This Woman Going Tharki Over Iqrar Ul Hassan's Son, Pehlaaj, Has Started A Debate About Double Standards

By Bisma Rizwan | 19 May, 2019

Media is notorious for sexualizing women and children. Maybe this is why there are people who end up believing it is okay to pass comments about young children. Or maybe they’re just plain old pedophiles. Something similarly disturbing just happened with the son of famous journalist and TV anchor Iqrar ul Hassan.


This is Pehlaj Hassan, son of the famous journalist and anchor, Iqrar ul Hassan. 

Pehlaaj is a budding actor himself.

Source: Pehlaaj Hassan / Facebook


Nowadays, he has been in regular attendance at ARY’s Ramazan Transmission and is seen having fun and just being his usual outgoing self with the anchors

He is a little ball of cuteness, TBH and the people love his quirky and super fun personality, and his incredible confidence on-screen given he’s just a little kid.

Source: @Lady_Tequila_ / Twitter


But there are some viewers who made super inappropriate comments about the little kid


People were quick to point out the inappropriateness, especially how it would have been had a comment like this was made for a little girl.


To which the user did have a reply to but honestly, no


Some people just straight up didn’t have time for any of the negativity


And were quick to remind that Pehlaaj is still a kid at the end of the day and the statement is just plain wrong. 


There were some who didn’t really see anything problematic with the statement made by the woman


But all in all, it is NOT okay to objectify anyone and people should not forget that boys also get harassed

it is absolutely important that people are educated on sensitive issues like these. Remember that time when Katy Perry kissed a contestant on the American Idol revival without his consent?

So yeah, no matter what the intention, the tweet did go down in a bad taste, and what was appalling that while there were many who were quick to point out the problem, there were also many who agreed with the statement made and didn’t see a problem in any of this – all of which goes on to show how important it is to educate the masses on issues like pedophilia and the likes.

What do you think about the issue? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: @Lady_Tequila_ / Twitter

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