This Video Of A Man Touching A Girl Was Rumored To Be From Sindh Is Actually Indian

By Maryam Malik | 22 Oct, 2019

This video of a man touching a girl was rumored to Sindh

People in power abusing their positions is nothing new. Historically, many people have been caught using their positions of power inappropriately to get personal gains. When such incidents of abuse come to public attention, naturally there is a lot of outrage and something similar just happened with a video of a man inappropriately touching a girl.


A video started circulating of a man inappropriately touching a girl rumored to be from Sindh

Naturally people were outraged. Workplace harassment often goes unreported and continues to be an issue. The video showcased exactly how terrible students are treated because it is behavior by teachers and elder figures like this that leads to severe behavioral and mental health issues in students, for life.

The girl in the video is minding her business, signing papers in front of her. The video shows the professor or the person in charge touching her inappropriately and kissing her repeatedly against her will. The girl is visibly uncomfortable and literally tries to block him every time but without caring at all, he goes on to continue his extremely disgusting behavior.


People were enraged because of the man touching the girl inappropriately, as they should be


There were demands for punishment and immediate discussion about the incompetency of the Sindh Government


As usual, there was some victim-blaming going around as well


We did some digging and turns out that the video really is from Andhra Pradesh, India and not Sindh, Pakistan


Some people tried to call out that the man touching the woman wasn’t from Sindh

Fake news and unverified rumors are already a big concern on social media in the age of viral content. Such videos only go on to enrage people unnecessary and spread false narratives about people, organizations, governments and communities. Therefore it is extremely important that we as consumers take utmost care in verifying the authenticity of any content we hit the share button on.


The spread of fake news is a big concern and social media platforms are indeed under scrutiny for facilitating such spread of false narratives because of their nature of promoting any content that is viral, without any thought to whether or not it’s true.


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Cover Image: @SabaBalochPTI via Twitter / @Team_Sindhi via Twitter

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