This Pakistani Just Convinced ‘Marks & Spencer' That Shehbaz Sharif Was Trying To Steal From Them

By Biya Haq | 23 Apr, 2019

Lmao, what!?

Shehbaz Sharif hasn’t always been the most loved politician in Pakistan.

Source: Business Recorder

Yeah, no definitely not. The Sharif family itself has always been under fire for alleged corruption and under the table businesses, draining the economy of its power. Many people and political parties in Pakistan have done their best in challenging their position in society.

However this guy, has a very particular plan set in motion.

This Twitter user just tried to frame Shehbaz Sharif for stealing from Marks & Spencer, a popular British chain.

With video proof. ~

Okay so Sharif wasn’t actually trying to steal from the mega brand. It seems as though he was just taking a peek inside, probably checking if the place was open or not. However that was just a minor detail in the eyes of Muhammad Zubair (our Twitter user.)

Zubair tweeted at the official Twitter account of Marks & Spencer and actually got them to respond! Lmao.

A kind of warning towards the British brand that Sharif’s alleged crimes in Pakistan should be a warning for them.

Not sure if the brand was playing along or if they have a keen sense of our political climate and thought they could be cheeky with it. Lots of moving parts here but the bottom line? It was funny as hell.

Source: Bravo

And also, can we just put aside our political differences away for a second to take in how great Shehbaz’s vacay style is!?

Source: Syed Fayyaz Ali Via Twitter

Like what an ensemble. Granted, many of you may believe that he probably just stole it from around the corner but truly, what a hat.

Guy really loves his hats.

Source: The Nation

Still waiting on official word from Sharif himself but until then, we’ll keep an eye out for any Marks & Spencer representatives trying to haul him off into their dungeons. Oh yeah, for SURE Marks & Spencer has dungeons.

But anywho, it seems that people all over thought the conversation on Twitter was pretty hilarious and we thought so too.

Lol, love the Internet.

Have you taken a look at the tweets? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: The News.PK/Syed Fayyaz Ali Via Twitter

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