Imran Khan Just Said Japan And Germany Share A Border And People Think The Prime Minister Needs A Geography Lesson

By Rameeza Ahmad | 23 Apr, 2019

Imran Khan saying Japan and Germany share a border is all of us  after bunking Geography class

Imran Khan addressed a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Iran last night and made an impassioned speech about the two countries; Pakistan and Iran working to have better relations with one another.


During the address, he tried to give the example of Germany and France, but ended up making a hilarious mix up

PM Khan wanted to use Germany and France as an example of opening border industries together which has lead to them having harmonious relationships with one another since they have vested economic interests with one another. But, instead of saying France, Khan accidentally said ‘Japan’ and of course, people caught his slip of tongue immediately and wouldn’t let go.


And people immediately took this as an opportunity to troll the Prime Minister. Even Bilawal Zardari jumped on the trolling bandwagon.


People had so many drug jokes


And of course everyone wanted to give him Geography lessons


There were those who jumped to Imran Khan’s defense immediately

But because of his little slip of the tongue, people largely ignored the other things he said and how fruitful the visit might prove to be. According to The News, both countries agreed that they needed to make sure their borders were not used for terrorist activities, smuggling of narcotics, human trafficking, hostage-taking, money- laundering and abduction.


Other than that, Pakistanis languishing in Irani prisons might also be returning home soon according to a tweet by Shireen Mazari. So yaaay!

Let’s hope there’s more good news soon.

What do you think of Khan sahab’s slip of the tongue? let us know in the comments below.


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