Today Marks 27 Years Since Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup Win And These Words By Imran Khan Prove He Was Always Destined To Be A Leader

By Biya Haq | 25 Mar, 2019

The cricket world cup was ours on this very day


On this day in history, Pakistan defeated England to win its first Cricket World Cup in 1992.

The day went down in history as one of Pakistan’s greatest achievements and displays of sportsmanship.

Taking place in Melbourne, Australia our boys in green played like ‘tigers’ with now infamous names of budding players such as Inzamam Ul Haq and Wasim Akram being referred to as ‘younger brothers’ by the team’s then captain (and our now Prime Minister), Imran Khan.


All over social media, Pakistanis have been celebrating the 27th anniversary of the win and how till this day, it still makes us proud


Of course, the fact that the captain who brought the historical win home is now the leader of our country is doubly exciting

It is quite the exceptional case that someone who gained the hearts and trust of people all over the world as a leader in cricket was able to achieve the same (with the exception of a few), as a Prime Minister.


Thanks to the footage of Imran Khan’s speech post-match, it is clear to see that he always cut out for a leadership role

At this point in time, our team had made a bit of a phenomenal comeback into the World Cup. Our boys had lost consecutive matches at the beginning of the tournament, yet were able to turn it around when a match with England was rained down. This provided Pakistan with an extra point, allowing them to qualify for the next round. After this, Pakistan beat out Australia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand to finally defeat England in 22 runs.

During this time, Imran was able to bring his team through the wringer as the captain of a number of younger boys representing Pakistan, so far away from home. In his speech, you could see that he was caring for the younger men on the team, conditioning them and coaching them to be the best they could be. Before the coin toss, he stated that he didn’t care if the team won or lose, just that they played like the ‘tigers they were.’ And after winning the game, they clearly did.


But also, can we just talk about the tiger t-shirt?

Source: @RandomCricketP1 Via Twitter

Lolsy, talk about foreshadowing your own political fate. @Nawaz Sharif. But anyway, there were moments during this match that Immy had also been criticized for.


However, upon winning the cup and after lifting the trophy above his head, Imran Khan stated that he was happy that he managed to win the match

In his excitement he had apparently forgotten to name his team mates or thank them and that had caused a bit of controversy back then.

(Skip to 4:30 to his speech)

Khan was called out by many at the time for not including the names of his teammates and stating that the win was not only managed by him but with the help of the other players who had worked just as hard. And while many cricket keen fans will tell you that the cup was indeed won mostly by Imran’s performance in the games, his statement was enough to make people angry.


In an interview in 1992, Khan explained why his speech did not include his teammates


Khan stated that his teammates were like his younger brothers, and he felt like he was their teacher. He said he just felt proud as the captain of the team to see how everyone performed and clarified that he was only speaking with regards to his own career. He also added that public speaking was never his strength which is also something we saw at the beginning of Imran Khan’s political career.

Khan was criticized for his public speaking skills when it came to the beginning of his tenure as Prime Minister with people stating that his words were informal, poorly strung together and not at the level a Prime Minister’s should have been.


However, since then, Immy has managed to improve his speaking skills considerably with many people applauding his style of speaking, stating that unlike other politicians, it actually speaks to the people.


His victory address was a hit with Pakistanis everywhere, honest and ‘straight from the heart.”

Obviously, we cannot compare Imran Khan’s career in cricket to his career in Politics. Being so that they are completely different worlds, the same principles cannot apply. However, if you do want to play a little round of fate, it is pretty clear to see that Imran’s role as a leader on the pitch was enough to see that his leadership role in the PM house would be just as promising.

It is too soon to tell and we’re not saying that he could win the metaphorical 1992 cup for us now with regards to our country, but hey, it’s good to dream, no?


Have you seen these speeches on social media? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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