Pakistanis LOVE The Handwritten Notes Allegedly Made By Imran Khan For Yesterday's Speech

By Bisma Rizwan | 20 Aug, 2018

Last night, Imran Khan took time out to formally address the nation since after taking oath as the Prime Minister of the country. In the address, which went over an hour, he talked about issues ranging from taxes, corruption, and judiciary to child abuse, rights of minorities and public parks.


And honestly, he won everyone’s heart with his attention to every single matter, no matter how big or small. 

Shortly after the speech, Imran Khan’s official Facebook page released the handwritten notes that he allegedly took before the address.

Prime Minister's handwritten notes for his Maiden address to the Nation, the honesty and clarity of thought that cannot be put into words by any speechwriter #PMIK

Gepostet von Imran Khan (official) am Sonntag, 19. August 2018

The notes start off by thanking all the party workers for standing by his side since the beginning and outline the problems to be addressed. 

Source: Imran Khan (official) / Facebook

And then go on to outline all that is needed to be done in the coming times.

Source: Imran Khan (official) / Facebook

They’re pretty comprehensive.

Source: Imran Khan (official) / Facebook


Source: Imran Khan (official) / Facebook

And that’s not it, people noticed during the address how the Prime Minister used recycled paper to jot his notes down on.

People have since then been in an awe of the sheer dedication and commitment that Khan put in his address and can’t help but commend his vision and determination.

The awaam is taking to Twitter to appreciate Khan for the same.

The recycled paper has hit all the right notes!

“Straight from the heart”

People have been comparing Khan’s address to that of the previous leaders.

Of course, there’s the banter. 

However, there are a few who believe that the notes aren’t real and that Imran Khan’s real handwriting isn’t the same. In fact, tweets have been popping up saying the notes belong to other people.

For instance, this Twitter user did some digging.

And this Twitter user wasn’t sure about the notes either…

Thus, screenshots were shared.

But people aren’t really buying it. 

Despite everything, it is absolutely amazing for all Pakistanis to see how there’s finally an official who tends to care about the details, and they hope it brings betterment throughout the nation and beyond.

What do you think about Khan’s handwritten notes? Also, are they real or fake? Let us know in the comments!


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