Imran Khan's National Address Is Giving People Actual Naya Pakistan Feels

By Ramsha Bhatti | 20 Aug, 2018

That’s it! The political agenda and action plan of PTI are finally here, and that too directly from Imran Khan! What a good day to rejoice for his followers. And not just his followers. Imran Khan’s national address was the top trend on Twitter recently.


Imran Khan managed to cover many issues which had been corroding our country for decades.

Regressive taxation, the whistleblower act, poor education system, substandard health provision, and every other administrative concern of Pakistan was under fire at the hands of our Prime Minister.


Imran Khan came forth with an executable plan and the address felt more like a heart to heart conversation rather than a memorized speech.

source: Neo TV

However, before the address started, people were losing their minds from the anticipation

Now that Imran Khan has literally talked to his nation, people are going cray cray, to say the least!

Asal main pagal ho rahe hain log.

Memes toh anay he the

One thing which won everyone’s heart was a specific statement that Imran Khan made twice

People are legit proud of their new Prime Minister and his address and are gushing over it non-stop

Like, literally non-stop!

No doubt, Imran Khan’s national address was well thought out and heart touching. Imran Khan’s constant reassurance “ghabrana nahi, sab theek hojayega” was actually comforting. The promises he has made can change the fate of our beloved country and, like everyone else, we have our fingers crossed. The ball is in his court; let’s see how he performs.

On the other hand, how did you find the address? Let us know what you think about his address and share your views.


Imran Khan Just Took His Oath As Prime Minister And The Whole Country Is Obsessing Over It


Malala Yousafzai Just Congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan In A Hopeful Message About Pakistan’s Future

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