Imran Khan Heading To Work As PM On His First Day Will Make You Say, “MashAllah”

By Maham Lari | 20 Aug, 2018

So the ultimate heartthrob of the nation (among other things) – Imran Khan has officially been taken in as Pakistan’s 22nd prime minister. After facing several difficulties and waiting for a long time, his dream has finally been turned into reality.

We can clearly see the excitement on his face

His supporters consider him to be an inspiration

And the whole nation is hopeful as they wait for an amazing Pakistan to come into being

After his oath, along with congratulatory remarks, there have been comments about what Imran Khan will do next. His promise of bringing about several big reforms in the first 100 days is in the limelight and people can not wait to see it be fulfilled.

His official job as PM started today and we’ve never seen a better first day of work…

Source: Imran Khan Official/Facebook

Walking in totally like a boss

Source: Imran Khan official/Facebook

Ok I need a minute here

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

Now, we’ve all drooled over Trudeau in the past. But hey, Khan’s here to put that to an abrupt stop.

Matlab…comparison hee nahi hai

Source: Twitter

Look at him. chilling with his squad. 

Source: Imran Khan official/ Facebook

Um, how can someone manage to look toned af through a loose T-shirt?

Source: Imran khan official/facebook

According to Imran Khan, there is no holiday when a country is supposed to be run. He walks in on a Sunday in a casual attire as the head of state ready to do his job and it couldn’t get any better than this!

Trousers, T-shirts, and joggers… Our new PM is already setting trends.

Source: PTI Official/Twitter

People have a lot of appreciation for him

Via Facebook


Via Facebook


There’s even immense love from India!

Via Facebook

And there’s some advice for others around him lol

Via Facebook


We love this casual attire of Imran Khan on his first day of work. We wonder what day two will be like. On a serious note, a lot of expectations are tied to our new PM. We hope he upholds his end of the promise to the nation.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think of these pictures in the comments.


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Imran Khan Just Took His Oath As Prime Minister And The Whole country Is Obsessing Over It

Cover image via Imran Khan Official/Facebook


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