This Street Kid From Larkana Just Got His Dream Of Going To School Fulfilled And It Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Aug, 2019

This street kid from Larkana just had his dream come true

A few days ago, the pictures of a young boy engrossed in studying at Shahnawaz Bhutto Public Library Larkana. Next to him on the floor, was a basket of sweets which he sold to earn money to support his family. People were touched by 9 year old Muhammad Soomar’s commitment to study.


The journey of this street kid, Soomar, from Larkana started in July when he asked a regular visitor to the library to teach him to read

In the span of a few weeks Soomar had made vast progress and was even writing sentences on his own.

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Source: Pakistan Humanity Voice / Facebook


His family was surprised to know that Soomar was studying when he was out at to work

They said they could not send him to school since they couldn’t afford to forgo his daily earning. But Larkana’s The Eastwood School’s owner Ahsan Abro took it upon himself to convince his family otherwise after seeing how keen the child was to learn and how smart he was. Abro said the family wasn’t convinced till Abro himself promised to look after the family’s financials.

Gepostet von Pakistan Humanity Voice am Freitag, 9. August 2019


They are now looking for a part-time job that Soomar could possibly do to help his family financially in the long term. As well as tuition for the young boy to help him catch up with his classmates more easily. The radiant joy on Soomar’s face at being in his school uniform sitting on is infectious. It is heartwarming to see him sitting in uniform and being the child that he is rather than working at such a tender age with the responsibility of supporting his parents.


Social media erupted in love and appreciation at the marvelous turn of fate for this kid

Stories like these restore your faith in humanity a little bit. And this is a good reminder that education is a basic human right and something which every child should have access to. The government needs to step up at how they are dealing with the education sector since no country can prosper unless the individuals within it do.

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