This Shocking New Allama Iqbal Sculpture Was Just Placed In Lahore & Obviously, People Can't Stop The Trolling

By Sarmad Amer | 2 Feb, 2021

This Iqbal sculpture in Lahore is… uhh… artistic

Pakistan is a country of many talented individuals. What is unfortunate, however, is that these talented individuals don’t always get the spotlight that they deserve. That is the case with the extremely talented comedians on Pakistani social media because the trolling skills of Pakistanis are by far the best. This is exactly what we’re seeing currently as a new sculpture of Iqbal was recently unveiled.


A new Allama Iqbal sculpture was recently placed in Lahore and it has drawn many people’s attention for all the wrong reasons

Recently someone spotted a recently placed statue of the national poet in Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Lahore. What caught the person’s eye was how the artist had taken liberty with the subject by making the sculpture such that it did not appear to resemble the man himself.


Of course, people were quick to notice this interesting sculpture

Quickly, the sculpture spread across social media with many people commenting about the shockingly unique artistic liberties taken by the creator of the sculpture.


Some people were quite offended at this Iqbal sculpture in Lahore


Then began savage trolling of this recently placed Iqbal sculpture in Lahore


Some began wondering what the Iqbal sculpture in Lahore resembled since it didn’t resemble Iqbal himself


For reference, this is the Mohenjo Daro priest this commenter is talking about:

Iqbal sculpture Lahore resemblance
Source: Getty Images

Honestly, I can see more resemblance with this than with Allama Iqbal so I would say I agree with the commenter.


Others wanted answers for what they considered a blunder by the authorities in letting this tribute be made to the national poet


There were references made to other similarly bad tributes toward national heroes in the past, like this shocking Jinnah cake


What do you think of this…. uhh tribute to Iqbal? Sound off in the comments below.


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Cover image: The Allama Iqbal Collection / @Laila_Taariq via Twitter

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