PTI Celebrated Jinnah's Birthday With A Very Weird Cake And Everyone's Wondering What Went Wrong

By Ather Ahmed | 27 Dec, 2017

PTI’s weird ass Jinnah cake won no one over


This Monday, everyone celebrated Jinnah’s birthday as a way to thank him for his efforts as the Founder of Pakistan. Most of the people celebrated it by sleeping, it being a public holiday and all. No one’s judging, to each their own, I guess. There were, however, some that took their celebrations to a whole new level.


Among those who celebrated the day with great enthusiasm were Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Arif Alvi and some of his party members


The celebration took place in Karachi with those present expressing great emotion during this joyous occasion.


They cut a cake in Quaid’s honour that had a very ‘interesting’ sketch of Quaid drawn on it

Source: @SirJohnRoe / Twitter

The cake cutting ceremony which was for Quaid’s 142nd birthday was attended mainly by PTI’s Karachi wing including Asad Umar.


The public didn’t appreciate the party’s enthusiasm mainly due to the less than flattering sketch of our beloved Quaid


While some did said that they did see the resemblance, it was other “Quaids” other than Mohammad Ali Jinnah


One person summarized what Quaid’s reaction would’ve been if he saw this cake


Do you see the resemblance with the great leader in PTI’s Jinnah cake? Sound off in the comments below.

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