This Rickshaw Driver From Karachi Singing Mehdi Hassan Songs Will Give You All The Feels

By Anoosha Rehan | 7 Nov, 2019

This rickshaw driver from Karachi sings Mehdi Hassan beautifully

Perhaps one thing that everyone can unanimously agree upon is, the great talent that Pakistanis have. Be it that viral paint wala singer who sang with Aima Baig, or a number talented bakers who make the most beautiful cakes. This rickshaw rickshaw driver from Karachi just showed his incredible talent and is impressing everyone.


This rickshaw driver was spotted singing Mehdi Hassan songs, in particular, ‘zindagi mein toh sabhi pyaar kertay hain’ by the Late Mehdi Hassan, and he was just TOO good.

The rickshaw driver further shared that he couldn’t pursue his dreams and instead chose a profession that didn’t match his interest, for the sake to earn money for a living.


Mehwish Hayat couldn’t resist but appreciate the exceptionally gifted voice


The rickshaw driver, Qasim Ali, stunned everybody with his truly melodious voice


People from across the border, too, couldn’t help but get carried away by such a beautiful


People came out to say he was far more talented than most of the singers right now, yet poverty is a great restraint to anyone’s abilities


While some people also thought this rickshaw driver Mehdi Hassan fan’s circumstances had more to do with nepotism than with poverty


Some people also offered to help this rickshaw driver fulfill his Mehdi Hassan dreams


Listening to such a sweet, whole-hearted voice reminded everyone of the legendary Mehdi Hassan


People were pissed and sad for the lack of opportunities in the country, where talented people like this rickshaw driver Mehdi Hassan fan have no platform to channel it

And so, the talent remains ‘hidden.’

A soothing voice like Qasim Ali’s, is rare and one of a very special kind. Poverty might have not allowed him to pursue his dreams, but nothing can crush his talent and his passion to sing, which is evident through the heartfelt video. Pakistan produces a lot of singers but singers like Mehdi Hassan sahab are rare, and people can see his reflection through this rickshaw driver, Qasim Ali. It’s unfortunate how so many talented people live their lives without given even a single opportunity to express and prove themselves.

What do you think about Qasim Ali’s voice? Share with us in the comments below.


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Cover image via: / @faizanlikhani via Twitter

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