This Painter Turned Baker From Muzaffarabad Creates Some Of The Most Spectacular Cakes You'll Ever See

By Hurmat Riaz | 29 Oct, 2017

This baker from Muzaffarabad is an artist, literally.


Baking and finding that a fun activity in Pakistan is usually thought of as a woman’s area and only ladies have such ‘aesthetics’ to add detailing into this form of art but that’s not the truth. When it comes to art, anyone can be apt at it if they’ve got the eye and passion.

Wajid Ali Shah is a painter turned baker and his cakes will leave you to awe at their beauty


Shah graduated from the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore majoring in painting

He does pen/pencil sketching and creates oil paintings as well

Source: Wajid Ali Shah


He likes to get candid in his work where he can express the real emotions of human life which can be gruesome and dark

Source: Wajid Ali Shah

Wajid’s work in painting doesn’t shy away from becoming a little “serious”

His work will make you realize that even though human life is torn and tattered, there’s lots of complexity to explaining people’s circumstances.

Source: Wajid Ali Shah

But Shah ventured into baking to help out his sister in establishing her baking business in their hometown, Muzaffarabad

Wajid is trying to improve the aesthetics of his sister’s baking so that she’ll have a thriving business there


Shah and his sister enjoy baking together as it gives them a chance to be a part of preserving other people’s precious moments

Source: Wajid Ali Shah


And tbh, they both are doing a pretty great job

At home baking studio #baking #cakes #homemade #homebaking #kashmir

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For Wajid, baking is just another form of art where he gets to paint the food and can express himself by making people happy about something they love – cakes!

Source: Wajid Ali Shah

The brother-sister duo haven’t learned baking professionally from anywhere

They get inspired and enhance their skills by watching online baking tutorials and Wajid’s painting skills come in handy as well.

Source: Wajid Ali Shah

Since Wajid is enjoying baking with his sister, he’s planning to expand this business and bring it to Lahore where he works as an artist

Source: Wajid Ali Shah


This desi dholak cake will make you go ballay ballay while you eat it

Source: Wajid Ali Shah


If we could, we would have this Halloween cake as a mantelpiece

Source: Wajid Ali Shah


Wajid plans to establish an art studio in Lahore where he can bake and serve as a visual artist, practicing both his passions

Source: Home Baking / Facabook


His sister’s 18 years old daughter also helps them out so it’s become one big family business

Source: Home Baking / Facabook


If you’re ever in Muzaffarabad and craving some seriously beautiful cakes, you can reach out to them on their Facebook page, Home Baking and you can follow Wajid Ali Shah’s work on his Instagram.

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