These Are The Possible Physical Signs That You May Be Suffering From Anxiety

By Alveena Jadoon | 29 Oct, 2017

Our understanding of mental health issues is very limited, possibly because of the lack of awareness about it and also because of the stigma attached to the topic. Anxiety, in particular, is often dealt with in the most reckless manner. Many people fail to relate to the person suffering from anxiety because of a lot of reason. One, because they have not experienced the feeling themselves. Two, because they feel that the person should “man up” and deal with it. And, three, because the pace of life has become so fast that there is no time left for being human.


According to psychiatry, anxiety is defined as a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks


It does not come easy to everyone to be able to tell if a person has anxiety or not. There are, however, physical symptoms that help you understand if someone is going through it. And for those of you who cannot quite point out what you are experiencing, the following list will help you out.


The list of physical symptoms of anxiety is based on several people’s personal accounts

It might just be completely different an experience for you, but it sure helps to understand the complexity of the situation.

1. Itching and picking on the scalp



2. Tense muscles in the back of the neck



3. Feeling nauseous a lot



4. Constant heart palpitations



5. Feeling bone-chillingly cold



6. Full body rage



7. Upset stomach that happens rather frequently



8. Sweaty palms



9. Difficulty in breathing

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All the above mentioned symptoms are varied. It is not necessary that a person suffering from anxiety goes through all of this.

You might have experienced different physical symptoms of anxiety. Please feel free to share them with us. It helps reduce stigma and create understanding about the issue.


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