Ladies, This Cheap Pakistani Dupe For Huda Beauty Lipsticks Looks So Good But Is It Worth It?

By Kashaf | 29 Oct, 2017

Let’s talk about the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks – I love absolutely everything about them.

The formula is light, very pigmented, layer-able, and easy to touch up.  While most liquid lipsticks can be drying and make your lips super chapped, the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks are lightly moisturizing and they smell like a vanilla cupcake. Yum!

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Huda Beauty Lipsticks have so many qualities but they’re not invincible

What I love about these lipsticks is that they don’t make your lips crusty or dry them out but at the same time they don’t stay super creamy and fade away by the time you’re done with your morning chai. Since the lipstick takes longer to dry, you can mix in other colors and create a gorgeous ombre look of your own without looking chunky. 

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

What disappointed me about the Huda lipsticks were that they would completely fade after 3-4 hours

They would fade quicker in the inner lip area – so you have to monitor your lips and make sure you don’t look like you only have lip liner on. No lipstick is perfect right?

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

The applicator is easy to use and works great for thin and plump lip shapes. You can purchase the Huda Beauty lip products for around 3000-3500 rupees in Pakistan. 


Huda Beauty Lipsticks are great, but spending 3500 rupees on a lipstick isn’t practical for everyone so this cheap dupe came as a shocker

Here is where I ~magically~ discovered Clazona Beauty 24 Hour Matte Lipgloss after seeing them on a makeup stand a local cosmetics store.

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz


Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried the lipsticks

I’m always looking for great local dupes for high end makeup and I was ecstatic that I found one. They only cost 180 rupees. Yes you read that correctly – 180 rupees. They are available in numerous shades: reds, nudes, purples, and pinks at a number of local beauty stores in Pakistan.

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz


The applicator is easy to use and the lipstick glides on easily

The formula is very wet – almost like a stain. It stays wet when you first apply it and starts drying after a minute or so. These lipsticks are on the wetter side which makes them easy to blend and layer.

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

But they don’t have the nicest scent, smelling similar to burnt cherries

They also bleed if you apply too much. Like most other matte lipsticks, they can be a little drying on the lips. They claim to last 24 hours and they aren’t joking when they say that. These lipsticks would probably last for a couple of days if you didn’t remove them – they are very difficult to take off even with makeup remover.

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

You will probably spend and extra five minutes trying to scrub this lipstick off of your lips at night. This lip product is great for those who love having lipstick on all the time – not so much for those who actually want to take their makeup off at the end of the day.


I thought I had found the perfect, affordable lipstick that was easily available. That is…..until I did my research

There are local reviews about this lipstick that claim they have a high lead content – which can be very dangerous for you. Lead poisoning can cause kidney damage and cancer.

I immediately scanned the lipsticks for a list of ingredients or a website where I could find information. The products don’t mention anything about their ingredients and have no contact information either.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

After contacting the company on Facebook (which is the only known source on the internet to reach out to the company) and getting no response, I thought it was best NOT to use these lipsticks.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these lipsticks are hard to remove most likely because of the lead. You should never apply a product on your precious skin if you don’t know what is in it.


But I want to know what you guys think?

Have you tried Clazona? How has your experience with this product been? Do you know of any good cheap dupes that are easily available in Pakistan and aren’t a health hazard that you would recommend?

Share away in the comments below.

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