This Religious Scholar Just Said That The Sun Revolves Around The Earth & Pakistanis Are Shocked

By Noomyalay Khan | 1 Jun, 2020

This religious scholar just made some bizarre comments about the Earth and Science just died

Science and religion have historically been at odds. Clergy who don’t usually educated with the modern scientific education usually find justifications for theories within their limited understanding of the world thereby confusing many innocent people. Something similar happened when recently a video from the Kids Madani Channel started doing the rounds on social media.


A religious scholar just claimed that the Sun revolves around the Earth and everyone’s totally shocked

The video clip is from the show called “Bachon Ki Baatein” hosted by the religious scholar and teacher Maulana Muhammad Imran Attari. The show which airs on the kid’s branch of the Madani Channel has garnered quite the attention for the views  that the Maulana has shared in one of the episodes.


Defying all scientific research in the world, the religious scholar made the claim that the Earth is stationary and does not rotate

In the segment called “Bachon Ke Masail”he is seen discussing the seasons and the shifting of day and night. A child says that it’s winter because the Earth is not facing the Sun. The Maulana laughs at this and mocks the kid, asking him if the Earth moved away from the Sun, where did it go?

When another child tries telling him that that’s what they are taught in science, he says that the Earth cannot rotate. Maulana Attari goes on to say that this “scientific theory” of Earth’s rotation is wrong and that  A’laa Hazrat has proved from Quran and hadith that the Earth is “static”.

Source: Kids Madani Channel / YouTube


Another child tried to ask the religious scholar how we have night and day if the Earth is static, he stated that the Sun and the Moon are moving, but not the Earth

Remember when during the dark ages in Europe, Galileo was mocked by the Church for his scientific “theory” which was eventually proved to be correct?

Source: Deedle-dee Productions


People are obviously shocked at the claims

The reactions to this video have been bitter and disappointing, with many people asking how religious figures like him are allowed to impress young minds and the kids are not responsible for the information being fed to them.


Some even go on to clear the discord between science and religion, stating that, in reality, both support each other unlike what religious scholars usually claim


People are even making videos of their own, trying to explain the point to the Maulana


Someone even hinted at Elon Musk dying after hearing this take

All in all, this video is quite disturbing tbh. With religious preachers being the people with the farthest reach and the loudest voice in our country, this seems like a very irresponsible move.

This also makes us wonder, is the current crisis surrounding the coronavirus situation and the masses avoiding a lockdown also a result of this ignorance being spread by authority figures like this?

Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via Kids Madani Channel / YouTube

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