So, Ummm…Muslims Can Drink As Much Alcohol As They Want, According To This Bizarre Fatwa

By Lamees Wajahat | 16 Feb, 2017

Alcohol allowed by a Fatwa? ummm….

Fatwas that are allowing nashay are a thing, now apparently.

Source: Giphy

We earlier saw a fatwa allowing men to get high before sex if their wife is ugly.

However, it’s only allowed before sex in the evening, if you’re under 4o years old. But it graciously allows you to be high for 30 minutes. So I guess you can bring out your pipes and lighters….

JK, don’t be an ass.


We found a more inclusive fatwa, one that is allowed for EVERYONE and alcohol is involved in this fatwa, for some reason

Men and women, you can drink!!!!!!!!!!! Alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Giphy


Source: Giphy


Bring out the Murree Brewery and Jack’s hiding under your bed and rejoice as you read that Khaled Al Gendy, an Islamic cleric in Egypt, has approved alcohol for consumption by Muslims.

Source: Egyptian Press


But there’s a catch in this alcohol fatwa

You can drink as much as you want but you can’t get drunk.

Source: Giphy

Yes, you read that right.

It’s okay to drink as long as you don’t get drunk

“If the same alcoholic drink was consumed by one person without getting drunk, it is not haram, while being consumed by another person to drunkenness makes it haram”


So have a couple of sips and put it away before you can’t tell the bottom of a valley from the top, which Al Gendy defines as being drunk…

Source: Giphy


whatever that means.



Update: The content has been edited to reflect the addition of the original source for the fatwa and remove the attribution to Abo Hanifa due to lack of references to support the original source’s claim.

Cover image via: Kirill Guzhvinsky/Shutterstock

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