This Policeman In Lahore Was Caught After Misbehaving With An Elderly Lady And People Are Pissed

By Maryam Khalid | 6 Sep, 2019

WTF is wrong with this policeman in Lahore?

Let’s be honest. Pakistani police have always been tainted with allegations of irresponsibility, misconduct, and corruption. No matter how much efforts are made to improve the police culture, there are always some black sheep who’ll ruin the concept for us.


So, a policeman in Lahore was caught red-handed misbehaving with an old lady outside CPO office Lahore and it is the most infuriating thing you will ever see

The policeman was obviously misusing his authority to intimidate a poor, feeble and old lady, who could do nothing to protect herself.



The woman might only be addressing some issues, and instead of helping her, this cop makes sure that he ridicules, misbehaves and thrashes the lady over nothing.

Firstly, you fail to help someone you should, as a police officer. Secondly, you don’t have the basic manners to speak to a harmless woman. Thirdly, you throw her walking stick away to frighten her. This abuse of power is the kind of corruption that needs to be eliminated from Pakistan if we ever think we need to make progess.


The public was obviously enraged at the policeman in Lahore

The appalling point was that the other bystanders are totally indifferent to the situation going on. Nobody volunteered to stop this badtameezi.



Much to our relief, the policeman in Lahore, identified as Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Asif, has been arrested for this misconduct

IG Punjab Police took notice of this situation and suspended the police officer, followed by his arrest.



After this incident people are asking if justice will be served only if we use social media to show the world how people in power are abusing us?

Does the public still need to use social media in order to ensure that justice is served?  Would the cop have been arrested if it weren’t for the video? These are very valid questions that you, I and our leaders all need to ponder over seriously.

Got anything you’d like to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @tarhub / Twitter

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