People Are Calling Out Punjab Police After The Viral ATM Thief Died In Police Custody

By Aam Nawab | 2 Sep, 2019

People are calling out Punjab Police for the alleged murder of the man while interrogating

Police brutality is certainly no unknown concept in Pakistan. Particularly, the Punjab Police has been historically notorious for its extremely severe treatment of people in its custody, using brute force while interrogating suspects and even extra-judicial killings. People are accusing the Punjab Police of doing something similar after a recent death of a “viral” suspect.


A couple weeks ago a man went viral when he was filmed making funny faces to the camera while robbing an ATM machine in Faisalabad

People on social media had found the thief’s brazen attitude very amusing and he had quickly gone viral after the video surfaced on social media.


The man was arrested on August 30 when he was caught red-handed trying to rob another ATM in Rahim Yar Khan

Identified as Salahuddin Ayubi from Kamoke, the second largest city in Gujranwala District, he was apprehended by police at a Habib Bank Limited branch on Shahi Road in Rahim Yar Khan. Cases were registered against the suspect under the Pakistan Penal Code.


People are angry because they think he died in police custody because the Punjab Police may have beaten him up like they’ve been historically notorious for doing


There were rumors that the man was not of sound mental health therefore people are even more pissed at the police for his death


So many are calling for the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to take responsibility of the police force and reform the institutions


Calls are being made for Prime Minister Khan to sack Mr. Buzdar after this incident


While it’s absolutely understandable why people would be angry after the notorious history of Punjab Police, it is also important to realize that such broken systems can’t be fixed with a quick solution of firing someone. Institutional reforms need sustained scrutiny from the public and a constant oversight of those that the public has elected in office to ensure freedoms and justice. Here’s hoping that this man’s death does not go in vain, whatever the cause may have been.


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