This Policeman Was Just Locked Up For His Badmaashi With A Married Couple In Karachi & That's Naya Pakistan

By Biya Haq | 12 Mar, 2019



Footage of a police officer physically harassing a couple in Karachi has been going viral all over social media.


The officer began to physically beat and harass and humiliate the couple at Seaview Beach, after asking them for their Nikkahnama to prove that they were, in fact, husband and wife.

The video showed shocking actions of the police officer and three of his colleagues (who were dressed plainly,) terrorizing the couple after they declined to show the authenticity of their marriage to the officer. The woman can be seen fighting off the Officer while the man recording the video is struggling to capture the whole encounter after saying that the officers came and demanded money from them.


The Karachi Chief of Police has since seen the video and immediately suspended the four officers who were present at the site.

Source: Karachi Walay / Facebook


Allegedly, prior to joining the force, these officers were all part of a gang, preying on married couples in order to harass, extort and embarrass them.

This kind of behavior is absolutely disgusting and the fact that these men are supposed to be abiding and protecting the sanctity of the law, as well as citizens of this country, is pathetic. These Officers are meant to protect our honor and instead, they are walking around the sandy beaches of Karachi, waiting for some innocent couple to be beaten by them.

Corruption in the Police Force is a problem that is being dealt with governments all around and with good enough reason, we need to make sure that our own Government is doing the same thing with a fine-toothed comb.

Have you seen the news? Have you seen the video? And let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Cover photo source: The News International

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