This Lahori Woman's Encounter With A Harasser Who Kept Stalking Her Publicly Is Absolutely Terrifying

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 19 Jan, 2019

Recently, we’ve noticed women taking charge in situations where they’re harassed publicly. Nihaa Sajid Siddiqui from Lahore is another woman who recently took matters in her own hands when faced by an extremely persistent harasser.

On 15th January, 2019, Siddiqui was on her way back home from university when a man started following her.

This took place on the Phase 6 road in Lahore. It all happened during noon time, she wrote in her post.

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After noticing that this man was following her, Siddiqui, took another turn towards Ring Road, thinking it was safe for her to do so. Not too long after, she realized that the man who was following her in a white Corolla Grande was only behind her car.

To give him a taste of his own medicine, she thought of letting him follow her so when she reaches home, her family will deal with him.

This man who was following her, however, had others plans – he decided to overtake her which almost caused a collision because Siddiqui had to turn right.

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She then thought of giving him a piece of her mind, stopped the car and screamed her lungs out to ask what his problem was.

“Aapka number chahiye,” was all he had for an answer. He had the audacity to repeatedly ask for her name, too.

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Seeing Siddiqui continuously scream, he conveniently told her, “Maazrat, bura na manein. Bas, number ya naam bata dein. Baatein karni hain aap se,” and left before she could approach the nearby traffic police.

Read the full post here:

(Super long) So after contemplating for a day whether I should go ahead with this post or not, I finally came to a…

Gepostet von Nihaa Sajid Siddiqui am Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019

“My purpose is to somehow get to the guy and punish him for what he did. But since I live in Pakistan, this is a very far fetched idea and I highly doubt this would ever be possible,” she told MangoBaaz.

She has, however, filed a complaint on the Punjab citizen portal.

Via Nihaa Sajid Siddiqui

As if all this trauma was not enough, people started victim-blaming Siddiqui. “This is not a publicity stunt. I got harassed by this man,” she told MangoBaaz.

So far I am an attention seeking, radical, ugly, fat (assuming you lot referred to me because tbh the guy and I fancy…

Gepostet von Nihaa Sajid Siddiqui am Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019


Despite the existence of laws pertaining to the protection of women, it seems as though our women continue to remain unsafe. What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comments.


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