Teachers Beizati Us Students In Class Way Too Much And No, It's Not Okay

By Manahil | 1 Sep, 2019

Our teachers insult and abuse us students in class way too much and the truth is, we don’t learn that way.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been subject to our teachers beizatifying us students during class. It’s been going on for the longest time. Pakistani teachers are known for being rude and brutal. Maybe not in our generation, but definitely the one before us, complained about physical abuse, and us? We complain about the verbal abuse that we receive.

But when does the verbal abuse become excessive? I mean abuse is abuse, no doubt about that. But when do we start doing something about it?

Recently, a teacher called our class a bunch of “kanjaran”. I thought it was weird that she would get that emotional about backbenchers making a little noise, but she did. When I told my mom, she couldn’t even comprehend it for a while. She told me under no circumstances was it okay to call anyone that, let alone a class of medical students.

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My mom went on to tell me that how can teachers expect respect when they are degrading themselves by using such language? I mean, I’m in a top medical institute, this should not be the case.

It got me thinking: why do teachers do that? Do they get a kick out of it?

I mean, does it really help them in any way? Does it “quiet” everyone down? Does it suddenly make them “behave” the way you’d like them to? As a student, sitting in a lecture hall on one of those benches, I can tell you from experience, those insults don’t do shit in making the classroom more of a learning environment. It never ever works. For the most part, people will quiet down while the beizati is going on, but will get riled right back up once it stops.

After talking to a couple of friends about it, we noticed a trend. Those teachers in higher positions were the ones who were more comfortable with insulting students. Maybe it is to establish their “strictness” as a teacher? Or maybe it was because they are arrogant and aren’t afraid of repercussions as they’re pretty high up on the ladder.

Don’t even get me started about the insults towards one specific person. Those are the worst.

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I know there are always those few troublemakers, that do step out of line – and even though they disrupt the lecture, and are obviously not there to learn but for the attendance (also, I don’t blame them, that’s me too a lot of the time), but they don’t deserve beizati either. And it sucks when you are a determined student, try to focus in class, and you talk once – and that’s when you get caught.

I can tell you for a fact, that’s happened to me. Well, to someone talking to me. And it sucked. I can still remember word for word what she said to her, “Lecture mein musalsal batein karti ja rahi ho, ye niqab utaro, itni musalman maat bano”. 

My friend is a niqabi. And unlike what the teacher said, she wasn’t talking “musalsal”, in fact, she rarely talks during lectures – and turns her head towards the person when she talks – she’s that naive.

I remember that day though, she struggled to keep herself from crying in class, but the second we got let out, she went to the hostel. That same day, although some were talking about it, most people forgot. But she couldn’t get over it. To this day, she feels strained in that class and focuses more on looking like she’s paying attention, rather than actually paying attention. It’s hurt her learning as well as her self-confidence.

Is there no better way to deal with students other than insulting them?

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I mean, there’s got to be another way. What about just asking them to be quiet, or even better, since Pakistani teachers love going to extremes, why not just ask them to leave the class? I mean, that’s much less insulting than calling us “harami” or “kanjri ka bacha”.  I mean – really?

Dear teachers, we expect better. Why in the world would you need to use this kind of language? And that too, in front of so many students who look up to you? Sure, there’s always a few rotten eggs in a batch but does that really mean that you should call them these names?

From a sincere, dedicated student, PLEASE stop. We don’t learn anything this way.

What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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