11 Things That Definitely Happen When You Get A Haircut

By Rameeza Ahmad | 31 Aug, 2019

If you’re a woman, getting a drastic haircut is a huge decision. Before you even book an appointment for your haircut, there is a ton of research that takes place before you make the actual decision. It’s a step-by-step process that almost every woman goes through.

1. Research, research, and research

The first step is determining the type of haircut you want to get. And if you’re getting a drastic one, you probably will find a ton of pictures of your favorite celebrities sporting the exact haircut that you want. Once you have completed step one, only then can you move on to step two.

2. Choosing the salon you will go to

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Once you settle on the style you want to get, only then will you determine what salon to go to because we all know that each salon has a hairstylist who is good at a certain kind of cut. And after consulting friends, Facebook groups and online reviews; you will finally decide the salon where you will get your haircut from.

3. Making the appointment

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If you want your haircut by a certain stylist then you need to make sure that you set up an appointment with them unless you want to wait for several hours at the salon.

4. Explaining what kind of a haircut you want to get

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You take along pictures, proper descriptions and explain how you want every single strand to look. You repeatedly mention your desired length. You reconfirm with the hairstylist a few times as to what length you have stated.

5. The first chop reveals that your instructions fell on unheeding ears

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Always, the stylist will always cut your hair shorter than you wanted. It’s like hairstylists have a different scale of measurement they use. For some reason, two inches for them means like four inches. I will never understand how their formula works.

6. You watch in horror as the hairstylist just does whatever they want to your hair

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The feeling is surreal. You’re watching them completely ignore everything you had asked for and just do whatever they feel like doing. And you don’t say anything to stop them and just watch it happen… you just let them ruin your hair.

7. You wait for the blowdrying to finish so that you can view the haircut in all its glory

Once the haircut is done, you wait patiently – and with grinding teeth – for the stylist to finish up with the blow-dry so you can have an idea about the damage that was done to your hair.

8. You actually kind of like your haircut

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After the stylist has professionally blow-dried your hair, you kind of like it. The length is a little short but it’s okay, it looks great! And it looks different.

9. Your blowdry wears off and you see the haircut’s reality

Yep, there is no way you can keep maintaining the professionally blow-dried look your stylist gave you. And your hair without that looks crusty as hell.

10. You get to hear a lot of comments

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When you get a drastic haircut, everyone around you is bound to be shocked. A lot of people are lost for words. And your parents probably yell at you because of desi parents weird obsession with their daughters’ long hair. They find that short hair doesn’t look good on girls.

11. You learn to love it… slowly

In a week or two, you realize the haircut isn’t all that bad. It’s actually pretty freeing and feels so much lighter. And it’s right in time for this crazy hot weather we have been having!

The journey from conceptualizing your haircut to finally accepting it is a long one. But the end result is pretty rewarding. Let me know if you agree.


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