This Pakistani Girl Just Requested The Government To Declare Next Three Mondays As Holiday So She Can Watch ‘Game Of Thrones'

By Noor | 1 May, 2019

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Game of Thrones is not just a TV show anymore, it’s a cultural phenomenon. The show grips, literally, the whole world’s attention. As the final season is almost halfway done, the world’s obsession is at its highest about the show. Even in Pakistan, where you can’t necessarily see the show with the most legal of means, people are absolutely obsessed with Game of Thrones. This one fan just wrote a whole letter proving it.


This fan of Game of Thrones just wrote a letter to the Government and “bosses”, asking for a very special request

The letter was signed “A girl has no name” so she shall henceforth be referred to as “girl”.

The girl requested the Federal government of Pakistan to declare the next three Mondays as holidays to ensure that Game of Thrones fans are able to enjoy the final episodes in peace.

She went on to explain her point by arguing that since the new episode releases on Sunday night according to the US time, this means that Pakistanis are able to see that episode in the early morning. This obviously stresses the fans who then have to wake up at 5 am in the morning.


In order to make her request sound more convincing she also explained the storyline of Game of Thrones and asserted that Pakistani politics and the story of the show both revolve around a major tussle for power


Apart from the desire to watch the show just after its release, there’s a very SERIOUS threat of spoilers! Like how on earth can one avoid the spoilers? So we definitely understand the concern raised by the girl.

Source: Bighead Littlehead


Naturally, this very honest request found a lot of support from like-minded folks

Do you share a similar concern? Would you like to volunteer to start a petition in order to get the Government to actually declare a national holiday on the next three Mondays? Sound off in the comments below.


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Cover image via: Bighead Littlehead / @SanamMKhi via Twitter

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