“Do Bol's” Gaiti Finally Declared Her Love For Badar And Fans Are Full Of Emotions

By Iman Zia | 30 Apr, 2019


‘Do Bol’ has captivated me from the start, not just because of the heart-wrenching storyline of a housekeeper falling for someone he can’t fall for (societal’s godawful existence), but the subdued narrative its characters are bewitched by. Hira Mani and Affan Waheed are two stars who have been gobsmackingly remarkable throughout the show, with sublime acting that transcends anything we’ve seen before.

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For its fans, ‘Do Bol’ just gave them a dollop of bliss and relief after Gaiti finally accepted Badar’s love for her, relinquishing all reluctance towards their relationship.

It was after Gaiti was bawling her heart out remembering her mother’s funeral when Badar walks in to console her – this tender moment was threaded together by incredibly fitting dialogues between the two estranged lovers – ending with Badar’s breathtaking smile that lit up the entire episode.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


Yes, Badar isn’t perfect, and how he kept trying to tear Gaiti away from Sameer initially did set him back immensely, but he did realize his mistake – and kept seeking redemption unfailingly.

Badar is someone I have rooted for from the beginning because he is a quintessential mirroring of human flaw and imperfection; he did wrong, but did everything in his power to fix it – love simply blinded him, as it blinds most of us.



After this scene, Gaiti and Badar began unfurling like budding flowers with their affection for one another…in particular when Gaiti said that Badar was her heartbeat!

What struck most was when Gaiti finally rejected Sameer’s advances and defended both her and Badar’s honor. She told him very clearly that Badar was her husband and that she now only had room for him in her heart. This was brilliant, considering Gaiti was broken body and soul by Sameer’s actions.


Gaiti’s words really hit home with so many fans (including me, who is uncontrollably sobbing as I type this).






Gaiti finally felt true love.






Do Bol’ is drawing to an end before Ramazan, and fans are in for a treat with double episodes for the next two nights.


The show has won lots of hearts, as it details the bitter truth about life in the most earnest way.


Are you watching ‘Do Bol?’ 



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