This Pakistani American Abu Just Shut Down Donald Trump Beautifully

By Arslan Athar | 29 Jul, 2016

Pakistani American Khizr Khan was working in the United Arab Emirates when he got the opportunity to live the ‘American Dream’, thus taking his family and moving to the USA. One of Mr Khan’s son, Humayun Khan enlisted in the US Army and was part of the Iraq Operation. Unfortunately in 2004, he was killed in a car bomb attack there. Humayun saved the lives of his fellow army men when he told them to stay back while he inched closer to the car.

Fast forward to 2016.


Mr Khan was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention. And hold on to your seats, because this Pakistani father just schooled Donald Trump and boy is it a treat to watch.


One of the best moments in this speech is when Mr Khan questions Trump if he has even read the constitution. Wait, it gets even better, he pulls out a little pocket constitution and offers to lend it to the guy.


Source: Giphy

Mr Khan did not stop there and the rampage against Trump continued. Towards the end of his speech Khan brought Trump’s patriotism into question.


It was incredibly moving. This is what he exactly said: 

“You have sacrificed nothing…and no one!” 

He urged the immigrant community to come out and vote. He emphasized that this election cannot be taken lightly, it’s historic and it is imperative that everyone needs to come together and put Hillary Clinton in the office of the President!


Mr Khan’s speech had the desired effect. 

Twitter exploded with respect and admiration for Mr Khan.

Every tweet seemed to make Trump seem less and less significant as a candidate

The ‘Mic Drop’ was redefined!

Mr Khan was honored with the title of ‘Badass’

Hillary may have something new to worry about


Some think that Mr. Khan is the new image of American Patriotism


And let’s face it, a desi father’s lecture will always send the message across

This speech has been so far, the most hard-hitting and loved from the Democratic Convention. More voices like Mr Khan’s have been speaking up and now more will too.


Thank You Mr Khan for showing America how to turn up the heat on Trump, Desi dad style.

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