This Muslim Scholar Just Shared How The Angel Of Death Will Take Away Your Soul & It Will Give You Chills

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 May, 2020

There are a lot of myths about the Angel of Death and this scholar shares his research

Professor Ali A Olomi is a noted Muslim scholar who teaches at an American university. His areas of specialization are the Middle East and Islam. He is pretty famous on Twitter for the amazing threads he makes on various topics. In the past, he has made threads about topics ranging from Angels to different kinds of Jinns are more. Now Ali Olomi has tackled the topic of the Angel of Death, and honestly, I never knew so much about him.


The Angel of Death is a central figure in Muslim faith, like most other Abrahamic religions

His name, while never mentioned in the Quran, is Angel Azra’il. He is described as having four wings and countless eyes. And as we dive deeper, we see that there are many descriptions of him.


It is understood that the Angel of Death has been created by Allah as huge in size, but how much?

So grand is his might that when God showed him to the other angels without veils, they all collapsed at the mere sight of him… Now imagine humans having to face him.


One tradition claims that he has four faces and each one is especially dedicated to take the soul of either a Prophet, a human, a Jinn or a beast

It is said that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met him. According to one description, he sits under a mighty tree with a huge book or tablet which has everyone’s names written within it.


Hazrat Azra’il is notified as the time of death of every human approaches by a falling leaf on the tree

The tree has names of all mortal beings written upon it, and 40 days before the beings death, their leaf will fall. When this happens, the ink will fall on the angel’s tablet. The color of the ink will signify if the person will be reaped peacefully or painfully.

Black or green ink will signify that the person was wretched and will be reaped painfully. If the ink is white, they will be reaped peacefully. The ink color is what decides whether Nazri’at or Nashitat will reap the soul; each a helper of Hazra Azra’il with a role of peaceful or painful reaping.

He apparently, appeared without a veil in front of humans earlier and reaped souls peacefully but humans were arrogant and hence God placed disease as a veil between humans and death.


Olomi narrates an incident where Hazrat Musa (AS) slapped the Angel of Death and refused to die after which the Angel came silently in secret

It is also said, the Angel Azra’il himself only comes to reap Prophets while every other mortal being is reaped by his helpers. He last reaped the soul of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after getting his permission from his first.


According to tradition, Hazrat Azra’il is a blessing and mercy, and is only painful for the wicked

He greets righteous with a salam and ends their suffering.

The inevitability of death and your soul being reaped is described with the stories narrated below:


The entire thread is enthralling and gives everyone a better idea of what the elusive Angel of Death is like – someone we will all encounter one day

What do you think of this thread? Let us know in the comments below.


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