This Muslim Professor Made A Thread About ‘Nazar' And Damn, I’m More Paranoid Than Ever

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Mar, 2020

We all know about Nazar but damn, this still hit hard.

Professor Ali A Olomi who teaches about the history of the Middle East and Islam in the United States has gained quite the Twitter following because of his enthralling Twitter threads every Wednesday.

And this week, he delved into an oft-discussed and widely believed topic; the evil eye or ‘nazar’. He started off by talking about how widespread the belief still is in certain parts of the world.

He also discussed the original interpretation of the evil eye 

The evil eye according to Professor Olomi has been described as a poison as well as rays. Both of these have the same effect though; ruin something good.

According to his knowledge, people could either cultivate the power of the evil eye or be born with the ability. And because of this, it is often associated with magic.

But the evil eye is not always intentional.

He then talks about protection from the evil eye.

The popular blue glass eye is said to be a good way to protect oneself from it. The reason behind it may be that the blue of the eye acts as an opposing force towards the ‘harmful rays’ of the evil eye.

He talked about how people wanted to protect themselves from the evil eye even in the times of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

Then he talked about how the concept of evil eye or nazar was integrated into Islam as well and how the Quran even had specific verses that were meant to counter the evil eye. He further talked about other ways to counter the evil eye including incense and special baths among other things.

He further talked about how children are more susceptible to the evil eye and hence most remedies cater to them. But one remedy, in particular, is older women who are said to be uniquely gifted in healing evil eyes.

He finished by talking about how widespread the belief of the evil eye is 

Quite an interesting read. And definitely very insightful. What do you think about this? Have any instances you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.


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