This Man's Got A Creative Theory To Pay All Of Pakistan’s Debt With Charas So Get Ready, Ghauri Aya Phir

By Mehwish A. W. | 20 May, 2019

Pakistan’s debt crisis solved

The country’s national debt and liabilities have skyrocketed, the dollar hit an all-time high recently, and the government is under a lot of criticism for not doing anything about it.


In such a scenario, people are also coming up with some interesting ideas about how the government can tackle the debt crisis, such as this man

Source: OKkireport /Youtube


This man suggests that Pakistanis should be allowed to grow hashish for commercial purposes so that it can be exported to different foreign countries.

He also says that we cannot pay such a huge amount of debt by growing tomatoes and benguns! And yes, ye last wali baat mein dum toh hai!

Source: High Bridge Entertainment

He also adds that there is some mazboot cheez required for gathering the money to pay those debts since we can’t make Mercedes and F-16s without taking technology from foreign sources.


He states that we should rely on our mewa that is in demand throughout the world

Mewa = Hashish btw if you still haven’t got it

He calls for permission of growing and trading hashish so that the interest amount can be paid off and well, he also tells Imran Khan in the end that it is just his suggestion, baki apki merzi hai!

Here is this man with his masterful opinion:

Khair, once his thoughts were shared on the social media, people obviously had a lot to say. I mean…it’s hard to get through stuff like this without sharing a thought or two.


A lot of people agreed with the man’s idea and appreciated it


Some also brought in facts to support the idea 


While, some said that he is making sense in the given circumstances

Weed legalization has boosted a lot of economies, not to mention made a lot of people surprisingly chill.


Some also enjoyed his style of putting forth the idea


And, the use of the word Mewa for hashish

What are your views about this man’s suggestion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: / OKkireport via Youtube

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