This Man In Lahore Decapitated His Wife For Not Quitting Her Job

By Alveena Jadoon | 10 Aug, 2018

A man in Lahore recently decapitated his wife to save his honor. Apparently, he did not approve of her workplace. She worked as a laborer at a factory near Raiwind but her husband asked her to quit multiple times. She refused to let go of her job and that is what prompted him to save his “honor” and take her life. This was irrespective of the fact that she was a mother to his three children and running a home is not an easy job.

But what mattered more to the guy was his supposed “honor” – an idea passed on to him by successive generations and a title just granted to men without them having to earn this so-called honor


And mind you, only men are entitled to this honor, women can do without it. What is even more ironic is that their honor is not hurt or threatened by their own actions at all. They can do whatever they please and no one will come up and say that their actions are threatening someone’s honor. It is only when women try to decide things for themselves that these sentiments are witnessed.

Somehow the idea of superiority of men has been internalized to the extent that they think that they can take away a woman’s life for not complying with them. Is this a right granted to them anywhere or is this something that they have made up on their own because they are all knowing and can always decide the best thing to do in a situation? And we are talking about every man here because the idea here is that they are all equally capable and well equipped to make the right decisions, whereas it is the complete opposite for women.

What is even more appalling is that instead of being angered at the incident, several men and women came forward to support the actions of the husband

It's a beautiful country with great people.

Gepostet von Daniyal Admaney am Dienstag, 8. August 2017

According to them, the words of the man of the house are final and women should try to remain within their bounds. Based on this premise, they feel that the woman should not have disregarded his opinion because a woman who disobeys her husband is worthy of such a treatment.

These people think that it is absolutely all right if men decide to take away a woman’s life if they disagree with her actions. There is no concept of disagreement or women even having an opinion and men learning to respect that. No! If a man disagrees, you stop everything there and obey. Otherwise, lose your life and the people around will praise the man for being so “ghairatmand“.

It is just sad to see women also propagating the same views because they have just completely accepted the fact that they can have no agency and men get to dictate their actions. And they do not need any qualifications to get this right. All they have to do is be a man. Whereas women, no matter how qualified they are, just need to keep their opinions to themselves because a man gets to decide everything.

Men who commit such crimes need to be severely punished. Women are no one’s property and no one should be able to dictate what they can and cannot do


There is no honor in killing your wife and if someone thinks this way, they need a trip to the doctors. It is because of instances like these, the country requires the Women Protection Bill. The government of Punjab worked extensively for improving the current situation and built centers to aid women. The bill needs to be adopted throughout the country and a task force must be formed to save women from being violated by the men of their own homes.




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