This Malaysian Couple Is Being Trolled For Their PDA During Their Shaadi And Honestly It's Pathetic

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Apr, 2019

This Malaysian couple has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The latest hot topic under contention for the interwebs is a video of a Muslim couple right after they have gotten married.


Everyone has an opinion on what they think of the couple’s interaction with one another after being declared husband and wife

The video shows the wife getting overwhelmed as she holds her husband’s hand for the first time. She reaches her hand but then gets a little nervous so he reaches over and clasps her hand in his. She then gets emotional and leans in to kiss her husband’s hand.

She then holds her head on his hand for a few seconds.


A lot of people took issue with the video saying this seems ‘weird’. Some going as far as calling it ‘slavery’.


It was surprising how many people called it ‘abnormal behavior’.


But let’s hold off for a second and discuss this, shall we? Why do people find this weird? Some folks came to the defence of the Malaysian couple

According to one tweep, It’s a cultural tradition for Malay people. And honestly, who are we to pass comment on any other culture when we do not know the intricacies of it? And who or what defines which culture is accurate and should be adopted globally and which shouldn’t?

If the bride was being forced to do it or did it unwillingly, that would definitely be a cause for concern. But if it’s a tradition in Malay weddings, how is that an issue?

And if there are people taking issue with this, then why not debate about how the bride and groom kissing as they do in Western weddings is also inappropriate. Because showing affection like that publicly isn’t appreciated in certain cultures. With the internet, as borders shrink virtually, the issue of ethnocentrism comes into play; we view everything using our norms and values as the barometer for ‘normal’.

It would be better if we took a breath and evaluated the context of something before we jumped to conclusions and passing judgements.


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