This Madrassa Teacher From Rawalpindi Was Caught After A Video Of Him Hanging A Student Upside Down Went Viral

By Noor | 30 Jun, 2019

A video of a molvi brutally torturing a child started making rounds on social media a few days ago. The video showed a kid being hung upside down. While hung, he was beaten by his madrassa teacher. The incident took place in an area in Rawalpindi.


The video of the brutal punishment has shocked many people all across Pakistani social media

The video has become yet another revelation in recent years of the inhumane treatment by reachers and molvis toward students. The kid literally begged for help but the treatment continued. It’s an extremely disturbing video which highlights the need for reforming our madrassas.

The reason we’re sharing this video is to showcase exactly how terrible students across Pakistan are treated because it is behavior by teachers and elder figures like this that leads to severe behavioral and mental health issues in students, for life.


Once the video went viral, immediate action was taken by Police and the Counterterrorism department(CTD)

Intelligence agencies helped to find the madrassa which was located in Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi. Police arrested the person who is being suspected of treating the child this way. Initial investigation revealed that the incident occurred in winter last year, after which a settlement was reached between the teacher and the father of the victim. The owner of the madrassa is placed on the fourth schedule which is a list of individuals who are suspected of terrorism and/or sectarianism.


It’s heartbreaking to see that the children in madrassas still have to face such kind of treatment. The exponential increase in cases which specifically target the children is alarming. The weaker faction of the society, the children, suffer due to the negligence of the parents and the higher authorities. Incidents like these highlight the need for stern action to be taken to ensure that such incidents do not occur in future.


People were shocked to see this incident and stated that teachers like these should be subjected to similar torture


They said that the parents should be extra careful regarding the safety and well-being of their children


A few mentioned that even the arrest of the culprit cannot undo the ill-treatment and scars for life that were faced by the child

They demanded the strict implementation of the already present laws.


People are demanding revamping of the madrassa culture


They stated that the culprit doesn’t deserve to be called a teacher


People also discussed how this torture is going to negatively impact the children in the madrassa

Prompt action taken by the Rawalpindi Police deserves appreciation. But there’s a lot that needs to be done to ensure that such actions do not occur in future. Let’s hope that the occurrence of such incidents lessens over time and eventually gets eliminated.


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Cover image via: @emrankhann via TikTok

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