People Can't Stop Appreciating Imad Wasim For Helping Pakistan Win The Match Against Afghanistan Last Night

By Noor | 30 Jun, 2019

Pakistan bagged the much-needed victory against Afghanistan last night and have no firmly been placed on the fourth spot in the rankings (until the new matches). The encounter between the Pakistan and Afghanistan teams was definitely nail-biting. The fearless Afghan bowling came close to creating a big upset but was denied by the Team Pakistan who survived a mighty scare and continued its surge towards the World Cup semifinals.


Pakistani cricket fans are celebrating their team’s win and are really excited about the victory

Pakistani bowlers managed to obliterate the Afghan batting order and particularly Shaheen was seen ruthlessly targeting the Afghan batsmen.



Afghanistan actually made Pakistan sweat hard for this win BUT Imad Wasim, among others, paved a way towards a thrilling victory

Pakistani batsmen were striving hard to get close to the winning total but the Afghan bowlers kept bouncing back to create more pressure. Towards the dramatic end, Afghans wilted under pressure and lost the match.



Imad Wasim played a pivotal role in earning victory for the Team Green thus was rewarded with the title of ‘Man of the Match’

Wasim emerged as an unlikely batting hero along with Wahab Riaz. Both the players played under tremendous pressure and together brought prestige to their team.



Prime Minister Imran Khan also congratulated the team and stated that the team Pakistan impressively kept their nerve under pressure

The former captain also congratulated Afghanistan for fighting hard and showing the determination while playing the match.


Former cricketers also wrote congratulatory tweets and gave an honorary mention to Imad Wasim


People appreciated Imad Wasim and said that he single-handedly saved the entire Pakistani cricket team


They said that they are proud of their heroes


People asserted that Imad has won the hearts of the entire nation


They even said that all Pakistanis are Imad-ians today and we all are indebted to Imad Wasim


They mentioned that though Pakistan has won, improvement is still needed to ensure that Team Green continues to win the matches


A few even asked the team to put a limit on its unpredictability


Pakistanis also praised Wahab Riaz for performing so well despite his injury


Fans in the stadium celebrated and expressed their joy over the victory

Unlike Afghan fans, who released their frustration by beating a Pakistani fan.


So, did you love the match? Let us know everything in the comments below.


Afghan Fans Beat A Pakistani During The Pakistan-Afghanistan Match & This Is Actually Insane

People Are Loving Shaheen Afridi For His Fantastic Bowling Against Afghanistan


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