This Islamabadi Artist Makes The Coolest Illustrations And Honestly, I'm Already A Fan

By Maryam Mudasar | 1 Aug, 2019

Meet the talented artist, Aavez Pasha, who has been making waves with his custom art illustrations on Instagram!

Source: Aavez Pasha

Being his art teacher’s favorite pupil in primary school, Aavez has always been interested in anything and everything creative.

“My illustration journey started when I got into Engineering since artists are not widely accepted in our society. I figured I could still do something about it so I learned Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools, and slowly I [became] good at it. Combining my IT skills and my creative mind, I decided to showcase my work to the world, so I made an Instagram account and got a lot of positive reviews. ”

Talking to MangoBaaz, he said that he started with custom illustrations for his friends, which led to him getting more and more orders through his Instagram DMs.

“As I got better I thought of giving some life to my illustrations by adding some visual effects in them. Those illustrations turned out to be my best pieces yet.”

Just like most of us, Aavez used YouTube tutorials to get better at what he does.

Aavez believes in creating art that tells a story which is why most of his illustrations follow a specific theme.


When asked about his creative process, Aavez had the following to say:

“First I think of an idea. Then I gather images related to the idea or anything which I can use in my illustration. I cut out the stuff that I want to use/add in my illustrations or I draw them out in Illustrator. Then finally when I have everything ready, I bring all the pieces together in one picture using Photoshop and use different tools if I want to animate my illustration and turn it into a GIF.”

The learning process in life never ends, and Aavaz Pasha has made this philosophy his life motto!

He aims to keep on improving his art and keep coming up with more unique ideas in the future.

He even made this for MangoBaaz!

Source: @illustrationsbyaavez/Instagram


Aavez charges a small fee for custom illustrations because he believes that if you are good at something, you should never do it for free.

You can DM him straight away to get your own custom illustration! I know I’m definitely going to.

Aavez had a message that he wanted to convey to the readers: 

“There is [a lot of] much talent in Pakistan and we should support our emerging local artists. Media is a powerful thing and we should never let Pakistani talent stay underrated so that we can show the world what we are capable of and try to change the image of our amazing country and our people.”


What do you think of his work? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via Aavez Pasha

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