Jeremy McLellan Threw Shade At Pakistanis For Never Being On Time And I Mean, Where's The Lie?

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Aug, 2019

Jeremy McLellan just threw some shade at Pakistanis and honestly it was well deserved.

Jeremy McLellan who calls himself the US ambassador for Pindi Boyz made another trip to Pakistan after his last one proved to be quite successful (and got Jeremy quite a few fans from the country).

He made a few jokes about this trip and how even he felt people might be getting tired of him on his Twitter account.

Jeremy McLellan happens to be one of Pakistan’s most beloved white comedians. And in a recent interview on ARY News’ morning show Bakhabar Sawera, he was asked what would be the one thing he would like for Pakistanis to adopt from foreigners.

Jeremy stated that he would introduce the revolutionary concept of clocks in Pakistan since his only complaint with Pakistanis is that they’re never on time. 

He also mentioned how he was constantly having lunch at 6 PM.

He talked about how he was being forced to stay hungry from the time he had breakfast in the morning to when he had lunch in the evening, because Pakistanis are never on time. And as someone who’s white, he’s always on time which proves to be a problem when no one else is doing the same. He added a joke to the comment by talking about how white people are always on time for everything except for ‘civil rights’.

And I mean, where is the lie. Pakistanis are notorious for being late for everything except the airport when they have a flight. But it’s embarrassing that people kept Jeremy waiting till 6 PM for lunch. So much so that he admitted to having been ravenously hungry by the time food was served. I thought Pakistanis were known to make sure our guests ate more than they could handle and always had something to munch on. Clearly not this time.

He has been talking about how Pakistani meal times make no sense since he came to the country.

But now he is on his way back to America and hopefully the next time he visits, he will get lunch at a reasonable time! Aakhir, humari mehmaan-nawaazi ka sawaal hai!

You can watch Jeremy’s comment here:

What do you think about Jeremy’s idea of introducing watches in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.


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