This Karachi Traffic Officer Is Arresting People With His Stunning Looks And Log Tharki Hogaye

By Aam Nawab | 1 Aug, 2019

This Karachi traffic officer is arresting people… with his looks.

Every now and then the internet collectively becomes tharki for one person. And this time it happens to be a traffic warden in Karachi. Seems like he’s been making arrests… with just his looks.

A post appeared on a Facebook page yesterday where pictures of a traffic warden in Karachi were shared and people were discussing him – not for how he was doing his job, but because of how he looked.

Source: UOK – All Confessions/Facebook

The officer, who is apparently named Waqaar Ali, according to a Facebook post has been turning heads and stopping traffic, not on purpose or part of his job; but just because he looks good. The multitude of comments under the post with his pictures showed just how interested people were in the traffic officer.

Source: UOK – All Confessions/Facebook

A lot of people revealed what his location of duty usually was so that people could go and witness his good looks in person.  I mean, thanks for the information I suppose but it does seem a little extreme in terms of his privacy.

Source: UOK – All Confessions/Facebook

But people seemed to be appreciating the fact that he looked good in his uniform and represented what an officer of the law should ideally look like. People didn’t even realize how nice the uniform for traffic wardens is until now.

Source: UOK – All Confessions/Facebook

But all in all, everyone can agree that traffic warden Waqaar Ali looks very nice and is hopefully doing a great job. And we hope he doesn’t have to handle more traffic than usual because of the peaked interest in him, which has probably led to an increase in the number of men and women driving by where he is said to be stationed.

What do you think about traffic warden Waqaar Ali’s good looks arresting citizens of Karachi? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: UOK – All Confessions/Facebook

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