Hello, I Would Like A Minute To Talk About Bilal Ashraf's Abs

By Aam Nawab | 31 Jul, 2019

Bilal Ashraf’s abs deserve their own Instagram account, tbh.

Bilal Ashraf has been all over social media and our television screens lately while promoting his latest movie, Superstar. And honestly, I am not complaining. At all.

I have been a big fan of Bilal Ashraf since he made his debut in Janaan when he played the man of my dreams. And after following his various interviews and finding out what an amazing man he is in real life as well, I was sold. And 2016 onward, he has delivered stellar performances consistently.

Source: @boxofficedetail via Twitter.com

So I was pretty excited for his latest song Dharak Bharak from the movie Superstar with Kubra Khan that recently came out. The song caused quite the stir on social media because of well, Bilal Ashraf appearing shirtless throughout the number. Again, I am not complaining.

This isn’t the first time Bilal Ashraf’s abs are making a public appearance, he doesn’t shy away from posting pictures of his sculpted body on social media. I mean, he’s worked hard to earn them so he has the right to flaunt them too! And yet again, I am not one to complain.

And I would also like to congratulate Bilal Ashraf on his six-pack because I know it isn’t easy to get one! Believe me, I have tried and failed multiple times.

But anyway, back to the song. The video opens up with close-up shots of different parts of his torso before panning to a wider shot of him arriving standing atop a wagon. And Bilal is striking a pose while completely shirtless…

Source: HUM Films

We then get to see a shot of his back muscles before the dancing begins. While the song is catchy, the dancing falls a little flat but honestly, you can’t really focus on anything beyond Bilal Ashraf’s abs.

Bilal suddenly puts on a yellow waistcoat almost halfway through the song, but don’t worry, there’s no shirt underneath so the abs are still very much visible and are the hero of the entire song. And this is when Kubra Khan makes her entry and damn, she looks amazing.

Source: Momina & Duraid Films

I love her ensemble of a multicolored lehnga choli and Kubra also brings with her some seriously good dance moves. The two get together on-screen and dance it out. The song is like almost every Lollywood movie; a tough guy trying to impress the sweet-looking female lead.

Source: Momina & Duraid Films

And some people took issue with the song and compared it to Ranveer Singh’s past performances.

But honestly, all I have to say on the matter is; LOOK AT THOSE ABS. And also appreciate the hard work Bilal Ashraf put into the entire performance. Ranveer Singh does not have the trademark on taking off his shirt during dance numbers. Other actors on both sides of the borders can do it too.

What do you think of Dharak Bharak? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: @ashrafbilal via Instagram.com/HUM Films

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