Comedian Jeremy McLellan Says He Just Got Banned From India After He Trolled Modi For Winning The Elections

By Sarmad Amer | 24 May, 2019

Jeremy McLellan is the American comedian that everyone in Pakistan loves. He is an honorary Pindi boy owing to his love for Pakistan and his very sharp wit. Now, he says he might even have been banned from India because of his wit.


Jeremy McLellan’s love for Pakistan is no secret

Source: Jeremy McLellan/Facebook


He even went as far as trolling Modi over his victory in the Indian elections, just a few days ago


Obviously Jeremy was trolled by nationalists from India who took offence at the comedian’s choice of words


Jeremy, however, was in no mood to stop

Throwing zingers one after the other despite getting massively trolled.


He even pointed out how the BJP’s social media wing seems to have diverted their attentions to trolling him because of his comments about Modi


Well, Jeremy just shared an update that he might have been banned from India over his remarks

Jeremy was apparently planning a comedy tour to India but after his jokes directed at Modi he said he was banned by India from doing his comedy tour.


People are shocked that his jokes are being taken so seriously by Indians


Well Jeremy, you know we in Pakistan love you regardless and would be more than happy to have you back here for another comedy tour. So what if our neighbors didn’t want you, we like it as long as the jokes aren’t at our expense or exposing any of our own hypocrisies lol. You’re welcome here, always!


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