This Insanely Talented Karachi-Based Artist Combines Anime And Disney To Create Stunning Art

By Rimsha | 11 Jul, 2019

Javeria Khoso combines anime and Disney to create stunning art.

Social media has given us a platform for displaying our talents. Meet Javeria Khoso, an insanely talented artist who has gone viral multiple times for her extremely intricate drawings! Her unique style of drawing led us to her and we couldn’t help but ask her about her journey.

Source: Javeria Khoso

“I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, as far back as, I can remember,” she states.

“It was just a hobby for most of my life, but I started taking it pretty seriously when I turned 16.”

That’s when she started doing commissions and was convinced that this could very well be a viable path to take professionally. She has since then grown into her art quite brilliantly!

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

We asked her about the detailing her artwork contains and this is what she had to say:

“I think the key is to not rush to complete something. Mull over your sketch for a whole day, at least, and keep adding to it. Soon it’ll become second nature and the ideas will come pouring out.”

We also asked her about how long it takes to finish a piece and she said, “It depends on the drawing, I think I sketch and color pretty fast, but line art takes a while.” Her most detailed pieces take up to a month to finish, according to her

Source: Javeria Khoso

“I’m inspired by different forms of art; music, photography, and fashion specifically.”

“I also find inspiration in storytelling, specifically stories about fantasy and magic. I try to convey my inspirations in the work I do and I’m slowly getting better at it.” She explains how her style is “an amalgamation of anime and Disney.”

According to her, she’s on a journey to be able to create a distinguishable style that is her own and although the task is tough, we believe she’s already halfway there and we wish her the best of luck for it!

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

Although she’s done with her studies, she would freelance even during her school days:

“I have a degree in graphic design.” She continues, “I’ll be honest, it was hard. Sometimes, I actually ended up giving more precedence to my freelance work rather than my homework, which is something I wouldn’t really recommend, but I graduated and I’m working in the field that I want, so it was for the best.”

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

We also couldn’t help but her ask her what her favorite illustration was,

“My most recent illustration of a witch working in her kitchen. From a technical standpoint, I think compositionally, it’s one of my best pieces. It also tells a story, which is what I always hope to achieve with my drawings.”

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

Javeria has also been featured on BuzzFeed!

“It was wild! I had put lots of effort into the piece they featured so it felt like my hard work really paid off.”

BuzzFeed raved about her drawing in their article, thankful to the fact that Twitter is free and accessible, enabling us to view such amazing artwork.

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

MangoBaaz asked her if she had any difficulties transitioning from traditional paper-based artwork to digital illustrations but it was “fairly smooth,” according to Javeria:

“I got my first drawing tablet when I was 14 but before that I’d been drawing digital since I was a baby. I had a mouse and MS Paint and it was lots of fun.”

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

“I think when I was growing up, I did have that pressure of becoming a doctor/lawyer/engineer, as most brown kids do, but I met some wonderful people who had the same interests and aspirations and we sort of have become each other’s support system in navigating in this field.”

She goes onto say, “I’m glad more and more kids are showing interest in animation and illustration in Pakistan because we have amazingly skilled people who just need to be given the resources to create incredible work.”

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

So what’s in store for this amazingly talented artist next?

“I want to be able to work on more interesting projects while improving my skills. Maybe you’ll see my art in an animated TV show or a storybook, soon. Fingers crossed.”

Source: @javi_draws/ Twitter

What do you think of Javeria’s insane talent? Let us know in the comments!


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Cover image via @javi_draws/ Twitter

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