This Is Why Handmade Jewelry Is The New Contemporary Gold

By Shanzeh Jalali | 31 May, 2022

Remember the clay we used to play with as kids? Artists are turning it into irresistible jewelry.



Air-dry clay, oven-bake clay, and beads are incorporated to make beautiful rings, bracelets, and even key chains. People are showing off their talents and making the hearts of their customers happy. Wearing their rings, necklaces, and earrings makes one seem like they are in a movie. 


The best part of this all is that the products are all customized. Telling the shop owner to make froggy earrings, chili earrings, or sushi earrings; your wish is their command. 


We have cumulated a list of the leading handmade bijou shops which will undoubtedly blow your mind


source: @manaldrawsclub

Manal Draws Club is a venture started by @//manaldraws on Instagram. They started off by making froggy rings and in time making clay jewelry for everyday use. Their infamous frog ring was hit, making people want more of their products. Their jewelry is also used in ads and brand shoots such as Outfitters. 



source: @numtasfrogshop

Displaying their talent, numtasfrogshop is more than an overnight fame story. Numtasfrogshop is an epitome of talent mixed with love. Their products are not only cute but are also filled with intricate details that catch the eye. With air-clay jewelry, numtasfrogshop has a sister business called @//numtasrockshop.



source: @waslofficial

Dainty rings, necklaces, and even anklets; Wasl has it all for you. Deep dive in your chakra, figure out the color of your aura, and let Wasl do its thing. Their necklaces are worth it all.



source: @qauseqaza.official

A student-led venture constructing the jewelry of your dreams. Their wire rings and bracelets are their most sold items. In accordance with you can also opt for matching phone charms. We are promising you, that Qaus e Qaza never tends to disappoint. 



source: @hoopsessed

Another astounding small business, hoopsessed, is bringing you resin jewelry. Breathtaking baby breath in necklaces, wire jewelry, and clay work. This biz has it all. 

These are our favorite small businesses. Let us know which one you liked the best.

cover image via @manaldrawsclub @numtasfrogshop @qauseqaza.official

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