This Is How You Can Always Keep A Part Of Home Wherever You Go

By Shanzeh Jalali | 1 Aug, 2022

Moving to a new city or country can be challenging for the strongest people.

The similarity we find at home cannot be found anywhere else

Sure, we can try to make that place our  ‘new’ home as much as possible but it will still be compared to the former place. Humans adapt to change, they strive in pacts and try to live their life as much as possible. Nevertheless, man has emotions and gets attached easily. 


Moving from your house at a young age can be hard. 

Highly likely that you are doing it alone and all these years are used to your guardians being around you. We are here to make your anxiety calm down a bit.


Here are ways that will help you make you miss your family and hometown less


Favorite Perfume 

source: eBAY

The brain remembers the smell. It remembers who wore that smell and certain memories come alive with it. Letting your person know you will be borrowing their scent forever will be a homely reminder wherever you go.


Your Blanket 

source: Best Products

Being in the comfort of your blanket is a very serene feeling. We advise you to take your personal blanket with you rather than buying a new one. It will be a sentiment of home and all the time spent there.


Photo Frames 

source: Joom

Be it a picture locket or a frame on your side table, pictures are a nice way to relive memories. The nostalgic feeling of knowing how the person in the picture is awaiting your return, and how when you’ll be back everything will be the same as it was before.


Signed Book


In school, after completing a class, students used to bring a diary and made their peers give them an autograph. From writing poems to discussing how they will not ever stop being friends, signed books were a staple. Get a diary and make everyone you love write something meaningful. Whenever you tend to miss them, take the diary out and read it while drinking tea.


Family Recipes 

source: Bake with Jack

Food is the way to the heart. In desi households, parents tend to apologize by making their kids’ favorite food. Particular dishes ars a remembrance of the person and give a feeling which hits close to home. 


What are your ways to remember your family? Let us know in the comments below.

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