This Icy Trend Is Taking Over This Shaadi Season And It's Giving Us The Chills

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jan, 2019

Shaadi season is at its peak. Literally, everyone is getting married, every other house is decked out and parlors are full to the max. Also, this season sees some of the craziest fashion trends and this season is no different.

Fashion-wise, pastel colors are very in and have featured heavily on the catwalk and in almost major collection across Pakistan.

Source: @nickienina // Instagram


This season’s hot pick has to do with a particular color.¬†

This light, almost icy shade of blue has picked up in popularity. Everyone’s wearing it, from the bride herself to all the¬†mehmaan.¬†¬†Now, pastels were already hot but it seems that this pastel/icy blue outlived all the others and has found its home in Pakistan’s¬†shaadi¬†season.

Brides and brand have introduced the color either all out or in some parts of their outfit. 

Source: @hssaima // Instagram


The colder shades of blue have reigned supreme for sure. These cold hues have been all over Instagram over the past few days, indicating a clear and distinct shift in trend.

These shades of blue, mixed in with the brightness of yellow combine to make an awesome mehndi jora. 

Source: @hssaima // Instagram


The color creates an intense bridal look, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Source: @elanofficial // Instagram


Maybe a factor adding to this color’s popularity has to do with the weather nowadays.¬†

Source: @hssaima // Instagram


The color simply looks exquisite as a dress too

Source: @zuriador // Instagram


This icy/pastel blue is a great way to add some flair to a classic look.

Source: @californiakistan via @pakistanstreetstyle // Instagram


But it works just as well with super modern looks too. 

Again, this color lends itself to a lot of flexibility and agility.

Source: @hairbybano via @PakistaniStreetStyle // Instagram


The icy blue creates such a fantastic look.

It adds an element of grandeur to an outfit, without there being too much kaam. 

Source: @zuriador // Instagram


Every¬†shaadi¬†season we see a whole new trend and a whole new fad come up. This time we’ve seen the rise of pastels and the rise of icy/pastel blue.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @zuriador and @elanofficial // Instagram

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