This Guy From Lahore Shared How He Lost 44 Kg And It's Super Inspirational

By Zainab Ali | 26 May, 2019

It’s 2019 and you’d agree with me when I say that this year just flew right by. With the new year always comes new challenges, new goals, and new dreams. The spirit of new year’s resolutions is hard to keep up with. We don’t pay much heed on how to better ourselves in the upcoming year. Similarly, I wasn’t planning on setting any new year’s resolutions myself, but this Facebook post caught my eye and has inspired me.


Abdullah from Lahore just shared how he lost 44 kgs in just one year because of his New Year’s resolution and his strong conviction

Losing weight is not easy, it takes perseverance and a great work ethic. The harder part about achieving a goal is to work at it until you achieve it, without giving up. Abdullah did all of that, and it definitely shows. So we spoke with him about his journey and here’s what Abdullah shared:

Source: Muhammad Abdullah

“2017 had been a tough year personally. So when it was ending I decided to change my life and linked the whole situation with new year’s resolutions concept,” Abdullah explains.


When asked how he managed to stick with his resolution throughout the whole year Abdullah had a very insightful answer

“The support system. My family and close friends. They kept me motivated. Also as time passed I could see the changes in my body and getting results. I was losing fat and gaining muscle so that also kind of kept me motivated to work harder.”

Abdullah is also in the process of making a series of video that will showcase exactly how he lost the weight.

“The video starts from day 1 to present day of its release (hopefully in a few weeks). I have pictures and short clips which I took over the period of time of my transformation which I will combine and add to the video. I would share what kind of workouts I did. The kind of food I ate,” Abdullah elaborates.


“Three main success factors, in my opinion, are consistency, discipline, and patience,” Abdullah shares

“Work by these three and you will most definitely achieve what you have set out to achieve. Stop thinking start doing. Be the hardest worker in the room.” Great work Abdullah, more power to you.

You can read his story here:

Have you figured out your new year’s resolutions yet? Let us know in the comments below.



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