This Pakistani Girl's 50kg Weight Loss Is Proof That Anything Is Possible If You Are Determined

By Hurmat Riaz | 10 Oct, 2017

This weight loss journey is phenomenal


Getting comfortable with the way you are is something that everyone tries to achieve. It takes a long time and a lot of work to make peace with yourself despite all the societal pressures but if you want to change yourself, that also comes from within.


Four years into her marriage, Rimsha went from weighing 70 kgs to a whopping 110 kgs

But, thankfully, because she wasn’t at the receiving end of any bullying or body shaming , she wasn’t bothered and she liked the way she was.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah

But it hit her one day when taking a few flight of stairs left her so exhausted that she realized that it’s time to make a change. So, she took it upon herself to lose all that weight and live a healthy and balanced life.

According to Rimsha, because there were no tanay or bullying so she never realized she had to be healthy until she was faced with a physical hindrance. It was sheer determination and willpower that made her do this. And of course, her husband who was with her on this journey all the time.

“My husband cooked all the diet food for me”, said Rimsha

The journey was hard and long. There were times, she said, when she wanted to give up but along with her husband, she credits her trainer who was by her side all the time to keep her morale high and stay focused.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah


Her physical trainer also helped keep her in focus

Whenever she felt low and wanted to give up, her trainer made her excited about every other new exercise regime so that she’ll not lose her ground.

For Rimsha, building your strength is the key. Instead of doing strict diet, she focused on building her muscles because weight loss doesn’t mean anything if your body is not strong enough. This is how Rimsha got this far.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah

“Your trainer knows how much stress to put on you because the trainer knows how much your body can bear”, says Rimsha

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah


She didn’t follow any desi totkay and it was all hard work that helped her lose all the weight

Stuff like this lehsun or this chai or that tea to lose weight is not helpful, Rimsha said. She exercised and ate a balanced diet.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah

Rimsha also added that throughout this journey, food has been her true, best partner

Usually people believe that if you eat less or skip a meal, it’ll help them lose weight but it was different in Rimsha’s case.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah

“The myth was busted the moment I got on a diet that forced me to eat every three to four hours. One that had cheat days where I could eat away like a maniac and not feel guilty about it. Your relationship with food should never be a love-hate one. It’s only love and sugar and spice – everything nice,” adds Rimsha.



Even after losing 50 kgs and coming down to 60 kgs of weight now Rimsha still feels shy

She feels like she’s shy talking about her body and weight loss because for her it’s not just embracing her success but also acknowledging the fact that she had been careless for a long time for her body.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah 


Rimsha’s husband is also on his journey of transformation but he still has few miles to go

They both are a power couple who help each other to stay determined and focused on their goals.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah


For Rimsha, her weight loss journey is not just a physical one but a mental one as well where she got to test her determination

She challenged herself and won them all and at the end of the journey, she transformed into a different person who can stand any kind of storm standing against her.

Source: Rimsha Ali Shah

If you can stay focused and live a happy life. If you empower people around you that anything’s possible if you have got enough nerve.



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