This Girl Slapped A Security Guard At Dolmen Mall In Karachi & People Are Seriously Triggered

By Noor | 27 Nov, 2020

The girl slapped a guard in Karachi & that’s disgustingly offensive

The sheer classism in a small but very powerful section of Pakistani society is disturbing. Some spoiled, privileged brats go about throwing their family’s illegally earned money and power in everyone’s faces with disgusting behavior.  Incidents like these highlight the underlying inferiority complex of those individuals and further promote the already existing VIP culture. Thanks to social media, such acts are increasingly visible for everyone to expose the rampant classism that goes unchecked, otherwise.


Pakistani social media is set ablaze after this girl slapped a guard in Karachi outside Dolmen Mall and was caught on video

In the video, a car is seen stopped at the gate by the security officials as there were no relaxations given regarding the entry timings of the mall, apparently. Upon being stopped, the girl not only shouted at the guard but also slapped him.  She verbally insulted the guard by saying, “tumhari itni himmat, auqaat main raho.”  


The act by the spoiled girl has rightfully infuriated many people who stated that the girl had no right to slap the guard

Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook


The fact that the girl slapped a guard in Karachi has led to people debating that such actions stem from the lack of empathy and the absence of basic manners that should be taught at home

Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook

They even felt that the girl played the victim card by using her position as a woman

Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook


They stated that the guard was just performing his duty efficiently and he did not deserve to be treated like this

Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook


A few devil’s advocates said that while it appears that the girl slapped the guard in Karachi, conclusions should not be drawn using one side of the story

Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook


They even defended the girl by saying that the guards at such places often misbehave with the people 

Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook
Source: @PakistanViralSeries/Facebook

No matter what, physical violence is never justified. While the issue should have been resolved via peaceful dialogue what has now happened needs to be dealt with strictly so as to teach such spoiled privileged people to respect the fact that everyone is equally a human being.

There is also a need to address how affinity for physical violence in our society is a cause for many of our problems. Sadly, violence in our society has become such a norm that we, as a society feel like avenging any wrong should be done with physical violence.

What are your thoughts on the issue?  Let us know in the comments below.


Pakistanis Are Furious That The Man Who Slapped The Lady Constable Is Now Free


Cover Image Source: Pakistan Viral Series/Facebook

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