Pakistanis Are Furious That The Man Who Slapped The Lady Constable Is Now Free

By Hafsa Ahmad | 9 Sep, 2019

Lady constable Faiza was slapped by lawyer, Ahmed Mukhtar, who has now been let go.

Lady constable, Faiza, had requested lawyer, Ahmed Mukhtar, to remove his car from a specific checkpoint since he parked his car wrong on 5th September. Ahmed Mukhtar considered this an insult and raised his hand on the lady constable. Consequently, the police arrested the lawyer on the complaint of the constable and registered a case against him.

However, now, the lawyer walks free. The local court judge, who heard the case, released the suspect due to an error in the FIR. 

The lady constable, obviously devastated, decided to resign.


Here. she explains what she’s going through:

The authorities in return are providing problematic statements regarding the case.

Dr Shehbaz Gill, Chief Spokesperson of Chief Minister of Punjab, claimed to fully support Faiza and admitted what happened to her was a ” saddening incident”. Nevertheless, he called Faiza “emotional” and went on to say that this lady just wants the lawyer to remain behind the bars.

Dr. Gill further adds that “it is not possible to add charges of firing or stabbing to the FIR just because someone just hit her once. That’d be wrong.”

However, enraged by this lack of justice, people took to Twitter to weigh in. Meesha Shafi shared her thoughts.

As did Jibran Nasir.

Others also weighed in.


Will justice ever be served in our country? Do our women, and all those who don’t have any concrete power, have to keep bearing such wrongdoings? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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