This Girl Just Spoke Up About Being Harassed At A Music Festival In Lahore By 30 Men

By Sannia Bilal | 19 Apr, 2019

A music festival in Lahore just became a nightmare for this girl

With the fledgling music industry in Pakistan seemingly seeing a revival, the Solis Music and Arts Festival appeared to be just another one of those opportunities for music lovers to witness something close to Tomorrow-land.

The music event was organized in Lahore and Islamabad and had some of the biggest brand names in the country attached to it

The event featured a few of the local DJs as well as a number of international DJs like Danny Avalia, Joe Ghost, And Kris Kaiden.

Source: Twitter/DJ_Maleo


Amidst all the positivity that the event might have portrayed, Lila Khan, an attendee, has stepped forward with accusations of harassment she allegedly faced at the event in Lahore.

Recalling the traumatizing story, Lila took to Instagram to explain everything in detail. She called out to the event organizers, Full Circle Agency, and the event’s official security company SSB Bouncers for their lack of management. She further on mentioned that the security personnel were the ones who initiated the attack on her.


Lila quoted that the harassers allegedly continued to attack her along with her sister while their male friends tried to fight back in their defense.

“Their intention was much worse than touching and feeling two girls. The way they were aggressively trying to pull our pants down, also hitting us too, it was quite obvious what they wanted to do,” she said.

At some point, she explained, that she lost touch from her friends and felt men groping and touching her from waist down “from every direction”. She said it felt like an organized attack and the men were completely capable of stripping her down and raping her there and then.

When their friends tried to report to the security at the event, “they said there’s nothing they can do, the heads should be reported”.

Further on, she said that she would like the DJs to know what happened and the Solis Team should’ve been more responsible while hosting an event as big as this.


Consequently, the SSB Bouncers have responded to her accusations with a troubling response

In a detailed post, the owner of SSB addressed the matter at hand and asked Lila to help him identify the person who tried to harass her. He then explained that his agency has been exhibiting events since 9 years and they have never come across an incident such as this.

Moreover, he also questioned Lila about the instance of no intervention from the crowd, that consisted of girls and families, in an incident that stretched out to at least multiple minutes. He said that they had made arrangements for bright lights at every corner of the venue to avoid any incident of similar nature.

But then he said they would “fully cooperate” and find the culprit. He even stated that if she identifies one of his men as the culprit, he will make sure he’s placed behind bars. To do that, he said he would need her to coordinate with him so they can identify the culprit.

Incidents like these make it even more difficult for women to breath in a society that is already male oriented. Let’s please steer clear of victim-blaming since its quite clear that the victim herself is already traumatized. Lila has showcased strength by stepping forward with her story. Let’s not bring her down for what wasn’t her fault to start with.

We’re looking forward to any positive developments on the matter.


Hey Boys And Girls, Here’s How NOT To Respond When Someone Accuses A Person Of Harassment


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